Qi Gong And Essence Tai Chi Help Eliminate Blockages In The Body

There is an old Chinese wisdom that says, “A person is free from disease when life energy (Chi) freely moves along the meridians; when this flow is obstructed pain eventually follows.”

In Chinese medicine, the smooth unobstructed flow of chi is a fundamental aspect of this system and reflects the wisdom of Chinese medicine after thousands of years of practice. There are certain sayings in Chinese Medicine that need to be translated in order for them to fully be understood by people living in the present age.

Chemical Toxins, Waste Build Up and Blockages – Causes of Chronic Illnesses

Within the human body, blockage can arise in any location. The slowing of blood or stagnating blood and chi flow in the body is a sign of a blockage or a symptom. When a blockage occurs, the metabolism of the affected parts of body slows down and the general as well as localized body structure becomes less energetic. The localized body systems weaken because of this slow movement making it very hard to cleanse chemical waste and toxins through the lymph or circulatory system and as a result can result in greater build up of these harmful substances in the same areas of the body. Without medical intervention, these processes cannot cease by themselves and can cause injury to the various systems of the body. Once the level of local energy falls under a certain threshold, chronic disease will then develop. After a while, if left untreated, the illness will become more and more serious. For instance, healthy muscles usually have a very relaxed and soft tone. No swelling in the joint should occur. But if your elbow swells and if your muscle tightens up, pressure to the affected region will bring about pain. These symptoms indicate a blockage of chi and blood developing in your elbow.

The Link between Disease and Blockage and the Energy Channels or Meridians in Chinese Medicine

When a physical or emotional sickness arises, a blockage usually develops in a certain area of the body. This obstacle may not necessarily appear on or near the affected organ or structure. Practitioners of Chinese medicine were able to come up with energy channel systems that can help us understand these relationships by means of a methodical mapping out of the acupuncture points. This is vital since it enables practitioners to address health problems such as headaches, for example, by using acupuncture points located on the patient’s foot. More often than not, the results are profound and almost instantaneous.

The Frequent Occurrence of Blocked Joints

It’s interesting to note that the parts of the body where most acupuncture points are closely located are near the joints. This causes more stress to the structure of the joint than to the tissue surrounding the joints since the joints are the ones responsible for movement of the body. Chi and blood flow should be sufficient enough in order to refurnish energy needed for joint movement. A blockage can arise if this does not happen making it hard for the body to treat itself.

Treating Diseases by Eliminating Blockages

Our body maintains the information to healthy chi and blood flow regardless of the obstacles that may disrupt this flow. Once the blockages are eliminated and opened, the body recuperates the original pattern of healthy chi flow leading to the treatment of the disease. The reopening of the blockage encourages the cleansing of chemical waste deposits from the body through the process of excretion of body waste and/or through perspiration. In the elimination of the blockages, the stimulation of the body is required. Practitioners of Chinese medicine may accomplish this by means of Tuina, Qigong, or Acupuncture therapy. The body can then distribute greater amounts of Chi and blood to the various areas of the body and once stimulation is provided, waste material and toxins can be eliminated from the body. The energy increase facilitates the pumping of toxins and waste out of the body. In Qigong treatment, Chi is sent straight to the obstructed region which more often than not opens up the area causing the efficient and effective pumping out of wastes and toxins from the body.

Essence Tai Chi, an Ideal Method of Preventing Blockage

Essence Tai Chi increases metabolism, improves breathing, and helps increase circulation as it is a very relaxing activity. It can relax the joints, activate the cells, and massage the deeper part of your body including your internal organs. It relaxes the joints so that Chi and blood can flow freely through the spine and large joints, which help promote and/or maintain health. In some instances, Tai Chi has the ability to cure certain diseases. We strongly recommend integrating Essence Tai Chi into your way of life since it is a great way to increase and/or promote wellness and health.

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