What Approach Is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

If you’re overweight, losing weight is usually a good thing. To achieve this, people try drugs, exercise, and diet. Some will try Chinese tradition medicine, meditation, and yoga to lose weight. Both of these approaches are good approach because they will give you the same desired results. Can meditation really… Continue reading

Qi Gong Is Used By Millions All Over The World As A Way To Relieve Everyday Stress

What makes Qigong different among all the stress-reducing techniques? In English, Qigong means spirit achievement. Qigong is a simple and natural series of exercises process that’s designed to strengthen the mind and body. In Western countries, it became a very popular form of exercises due to its easy to perform… Continue reading

Moxibustion Therapy For Treatment Of Cold-Induced Swelling And Painful Body Parts

Moxibustion was first mentioned in medical texts about 960 A.D. during the Song Dynasty although historians say it was being used way longer than that. It is one of the major branches of traditional Chinese medicine and ancient documents state that if herbal medicine and acupuncture in Palm Harbor are unable… Continue reading

Shiatsu And Acupressure Massage Can Provide You Ways To Treat Various Health Issues

Thousands of years ago, Chinese healers found that if they applied soft finger pressure on certain body areas of their sick patients, their patients would get better. Through this method they were able to increase the energy of their patients and treated their digestive problems. They recorded their findings and… Continue reading

Things You Should Know About Moxibustion Therapy

For ancient healers, the overarching basis was balance. A person who is weak and cold naturally needs strength and warmth. According to TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Cleveland, the sole remedy for this condition is called moxa or moxibustion therapy. Licensed acupuncturists who are trained in moxibustion therapy understand… Continue reading

Two Chinese Herbal Supplements That Are Known To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

For thousands of years, the Chinese have created incredibly powerful herbal supplements for treatment of sex related matters including erectile dysfunction or ED. In the United States, more than 30 million men suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. It has led to increasing sexual frustration and poor self esteem… Continue reading