Chinese Nutritional Therapy For Deficient Blood

What is Deficient Blood (or Blood Deficiency) in Chinese Medicine? In Spokane Chinese medicine, blood deficiency means the blood in our body is seriously depleted. Its causes may include blood loss due to childbirth or trauma, or a problem in the creation of new blood through the digestive system. In… Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy Can Improve The Health Of Your Pet

Maintenance of health was of utmost importance for the ancient Chinese people to such a degree that their healthcare was not something achieved by going to a doctor; for them, it was a way of life. To maintain health and heal illness, these people performed tai chi, acupuncture Bellingham, herbal… Continue reading

How Chinese Nutritional Therapy Can Help Women Overcome Menopause Symptoms

Good news for women in menopause, there are certain kinds of food and tea recipes in Spokane Chinese medicine that can keep help night sweats, which are symptoms of hot flashes, naturally under control. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), it is suggested that women having issues with night sweats and… Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy Answers To An Unhealthy Lifestyle And A Poor Diet

The central tenets of the laws of nature are symbolized by slogans such as “nature and humans are one” and “Return to nature.” We once again want to emphasize the principles of Maitland Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to all our readers especially the principles of Chinese nutritional therapy which is… Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy And The Different Categorizations Of Food

Shi Liao or Chinese food therapy is a method of healing using natural foods rather than medications. Chinese nutritional therapy is a form of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. It is especially popular among the Cantonese Chinese who love to prepare slow-cooked soups. One very popular soup served by these… Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy And 5 Element DietFor A Healthier Happier You

Nutrition and diet is so essential for our well-being and health since it’s the best way in gaining the qi (energy) we need to survive. Acquiring the Qi You Need We’re all born with a certain amount of qi that were inherited from our parents; from the air  we breathe,… Continue reading