Chinese Nutritional Therapy And 5 Element DietFor A Healthier Happier You

Nutrition and diet is so essential for our well-being and health since it’s the best way in gaining the qi (energy) we need to survive.

Acquiring the Qi You Need

We’re all born with a certain amount of qi that were inherited from our parents; from the air  we breathe, we get a constant supply of qi; and we depend on a continuous supply of qi from the food we eat. When one consumes food that doesn’t have enough nutritive content, health gradually weakens; when we consume a balanced diet, founded on the principles of the 5 Element of Chinese Medicine, we eventually achieve optimal health.

Eating Our Way to Health

Meals that are balanced nutritionally and prepared based on Chinese nutritional therapy in Overland Park and on the 5 Element Diet are the medicines of Mother Nature. These therapeutic dishes — many of which are the same as the delectable morsels one enjoys at their favorite Chinese restaurant — provide the nutrients and qi one needs to maintain and improve their health, and are usually suggested as part of Chinese medicine plan of treatment. Can anyone conceive of a treatment that is so balanced and healthy, and yet sodelicious as Chinese cuisine?

Important Things to Note

Dishes based on the Five Element theory can also complement conventional Western medicine treatments by neutralizing the negative side effects caused by medications. If you’re recovering from sickness or currently ill, these foods can help restore, rejuvenate, and recuperate your vitality.

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