Acupressure Therapy For A Healthy Great-Looking Skin

Many people are already aware of the effects of using acupressure. Using it on a daily basis to relieve congestions, cold and stress in the body really works! However, this technique not only works on the body parts and internal organs. It also not only helps decrease muscle tension and pain in the body, if properly used, acupressure can help you acquire glowing and healthy skin as well. Sure, some people might have recommended for you fabulous diet techniques and a variety of exercises to help you maintain a healthy skin. But now, it sure is great to know that you can have glowing skin by using just a few fingers!

This article is designed to help people attain flawless, smooth, and healthy skin with acupressure therapy in Overland Park. Young looking skin and long lost texture can be restored by using the correct pressure points. Acupressure bolsters circulation of blood and metabolism in the skin. The cells created in the epidermis gets shoved out of the skin. Cells go through a process and are gradually pushed out of the epidermis. If,in between,the cell’s life cycle is disrupted, it will lead to dry skin or spots. Therefore, enhanced metabolism can help mitigate the disruptions. So, one should attempt these easy methods. Acupressure will improve blood flow and reduce wrinkles leaving you with lovely, acne-free, spotless skin.

Pressure Points to Treat Skin Conditions:

Heavenly Appearance:

This acupoint is located a few inches below the ear lobe behind the mandible or jaw bone and is the point used to improve the radiance of the skin. To stimulate this point and to acquire great skin, apply pressure to it whenever your hands are free. The Heavenly Appearance acupoint also treats hives and balances the thyroid gland. Also,pressure application on the indention at the back of the ear lobe can lead to similar effects.

Three Mile AcuPoint:

This pressure point tones and strengthens the muscles. It can help boost skin issues throughout the body. It’s situated outside the shin bone four cm below the patella or kneecap. Apply pressure on this point with your two fingers and slightly massage it in circular motions. This needs to be done for five minutes each day in order to tone the muscles and attain glowing skin. The Three Mile AcuPoint is a powerful and versatile point in the body.

Third Eye Point

This point is found on the area where the center of the fore head meets the bridge of your nose right between your eyebrows; when stimulated, the Third Eye Point directly affects the pituitary gland. This gland is the primary endocrine gland that helps improve the appearance and health of the skin throughout the body. Use your index finger to massage this area. Slightly press the point for at least a minute each day. Performing this procedure everyday can help decrease the risk of skin problems. The Third Eye Pointhelps eliminate blemishes in your face.

Heavenly Pillar:

You can find this point on the area where the spine meets the base of the skull. Apply pressure to the point for at least three minutes. Pressing these acupoints for at least a couple minutes every day, can help alleviate stress associated with the skin.

All forms of skin problems such as breakage, acne, etc. will decrease. Aside from healing skin conditions, the Heavenly Pillar point also helps treat sore throats, eyestrain, stiff necks, sleeplessness, heaviness in the head, and exhaustion.

Beauty Sleep Regime:

This practice may take some time to complete, but it is definitely worth it! This is the right way to administer massage. Put one night cream on your face and apply pressure on the region above your inner eyebrowsnear the bridge of your nose. Maintain the pressure for about ten seconds. Now shift to the temples of your head and apply pressure there for ten seconds. Now apply pressure on the points just beside the nostrils and apply pressure for ten seconds. Repeat this practice at least eight times each night. This will help you attain better skin tone aside from keeping you utterly relaxed. You’ll fall asleep in no time at all.

Dry Facial Wash:

You’re sure to get clear skin when you follow this easy acupressure procedure. Rub your two hands together to keep them warm. Now place four of your fingers (except the thumb) in front of your face and start massaging your face. Begin at your forehead and end when you reach the jaws. Move your fingers near your ears and your cheeks and massage upwards towards your forehead. Do this 10 times and then reverse the procedure and repeat ten times. This technique is very helpful since it applies pressure on all the points in your face, which helps increase blood circulation and flow to the skin.

Beauty Routine:

If you integrate this exercise into your everyday routine, in just a few weeks’ time,you can enjoy having wonderful skin. Thoroughly Wash your hands and for two minutes apply pressure on each of the following facial points:

1. The point on the edge of your jaw bone and at the back of your ear lobe.
2. The acupoints right next to your nostrils.
3. The point inside your brow near your nose bridge (inside the corner of your eye).

These beauty-enhancing acupoints can help improve your appearance and skin complexion. You’re guaranteed to gain great results when you make them part of your daily routine. Be sure to use these simple tips to help make your appearance look more attractive and to enhance your beauty. Keep yourself free from acne, happy, and healthy and take good care of your body.

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