Acupressure Can Be A Natural Treatment For Depression

One in ten people will suffer from depression at some point in life. This condition can affect anyone even, children. Most of the time, we aren’t aware that we’re suffering from depression, and if it happens to rise,it disrupts our normal lives,especially if it’snot promptly addressed.

Depression can come with certain common signs, if you exhibit some of the following symptoms,you are, more or less, suffering from depression.

1. A sense of reduced sexuality.

2. Thinking that life is not worth living and strong self-criticism, (this is a dangerous sign and one that requires immediate help)

3. Increased stomach pain, back pain, headaches and other physical pains.

4. Sluggish, very weak energy, and fatigue all the time.

5. Highly bad-tempered and irritable.

6. Disinterest in activities that were formerly interesting and easy to accomplish.

7. Difficulty remembering things, making decisions, and concentrating.

8. Significant weight gain or loss, eating too much or too little.

9. Feelings that nothing will get better, hopelessness, and helplessness.

10. Excessive sleep or sleeplessness, problems going to sleep.

In addition to seeking professional help, you can alleviate or even cure depression by using a couple of acupuncture points: the Lv3 (Liver 3) orTai-chongacupoints and the Pc6 (Pericardium 6) or Neiguanacupoints.

The Tai-chongacupoints or Lv 3 is responsible for stable emotions, mental clarity, irritability relief, and the health of the liver health.

You can find the Pc6 points on the inner sides and on the midpoint of the arms, three cuns from your waistline. One cun equals the width of your thumb at the mid joint. Two cuns equal the width of your three middle fingers at the mid joints and three cuns is equal to the width of your four fingers minus the thumb. The P 6 acupointsare responsible for psychological wellbeing, heart health, and mentalnormalization.

When these two acupointsare bilaterally massaged and pressed for five to ten minutes every day, whenever you feel depressed, over time, it can help reenergize your mind and body and uplift your spirit. The benefits are even greater when before going to bed at night, you massage the Tai-chongacupoints after a hot water foot bath.

Moreover, you can stimulate another acupuncture point called CV 17 or Tan-zhongacupointto boost your mood. The CV 17 is associated with the conception vessel meridians, and it can be foundat the center of your two breasts. The acupointprovides energy for the heart and accumulateschest energy. It is very closely relatedwith our emotions and will give you peaceful feelings and calmness whenever you feel angry, upset, or sad.

With four fingers closed, you can massage the CV 17 pointsin a downward or clockwise direction. Two to three minutes or a hundred times a day is a good and easy practice. Massaging this acupoint generates benefits like curing repaid heart beats, chest congestion, asthma, and improving the health of the breast (for women).

Lastly, having an optimistic attitude is always the key to avoid depression. Listen to joyful and peaceful music, be more forgiving and tolerant, let go of things you can’t control, and talk to cheerful friends.


This article is not meant to be a replacement for professional medical advice and care. Before starting any health program or therapy, always talk to your doctor or healthcare provided about any health concerns you may have.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

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