Feng Shui And Your Home’s Area Of Health

From the feng shui point of view, there are a lot of elements to consider when it comes to health. Health encompasses much more than people’s physicality. We long to be healthy in all facets of our being and life. A healthy self image, a sound mind, and dynamic relationships are all the best possible states of being we can achieve in the development of our humanity. Balance is the definition of health. And balance is gained in several ways via a number of means. Our physical bodies need a balance of rest and activity. Our mental health on the other hand, needs silence and stimulation. This is Yin and Yang at play with Yin as the receptive, nurturing force and Yang the action oriented and male force. Regardless of gender, all people require these two energies to live and function. In order to enjoy the best possible well being in any aspect of life, we all have to do this.

The area of health is the bagua which is signified by Yin/Yang, the symbol of balance and is situated in the very core. The area of health is worthy of attention since it is the basis for a healthy life. It covers all of the other areas. The area of health is also the region where one can tackle life situations not particularly targeted by the eight other areas. The balance of the other areas of life is influenced by health, hence it is vital to improve these areas as well. A life of ill health will make it very hard to have supportive relationships, a flourishing career, and an expression of creativity that can create the energy that can lead to wealth and success.

In fact, in every area of the bagua, people can boost their health in a meaningful way. There is a corresponding body part in each area and if you’re having problems with your body, you can apply cures and enhancements in those areas with the intention of treating your physical body.

Abundance/Prosperity governs the hip

Travel/Helpful People govern the head

Reputation/Fame governs the eye

Love/ Marriage/Relationship governs all vital organs of the body

Children/Creativity governs the mouth

Life Path/Career governs the Ear

Happy Family govern the foot

Health governs all other parts of the body not specifically mentioned.

For the area of health, the element is grounded, earth, steady, balanced earth. The shape is horizontal, flat, or square and the color is earth tones or yellow. In the cycle of creation, Earth is generated by fire and therefore the candles and the color red work very well in this area. In the cycle of destruction, Wood penetrates earth and therefore you may want to want to avoid plants and tall trees and the color green. Plants bearing round leaves are okay as well as the soil they are planted in since it is the earth making them an ideal improvement for this area. Slate tile, crystals, pottery, and other things made of earth that are square shaped can also be used to improve the health area.

The area of health is smack dab in the center of your home which, depending on your floor plan, can make it a bit difficult to work with. Use a table against the wall that is closest to place cures or enhancements if this is an open area. Intention is the key and all areas flow into each other. In the house, the area of health for some people has staircase and so the occupants placed several paintings with the earth element on the staircase and on the area of health itself. You can put a storage space and coat closet under the stairs. You can also place a piece of yellow construction paper with your health affirmations inscribed on it in there.

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