Chinese Nutritional Therapy For Kidney Disease

Diet plays a key role in the nourishment of our daily lives. Unfortunately, we often tend not to take it seriously. The goal of Chinese nutritional therapy is to guide people towards good health by letting us know the right food to eat. One extremely chronic medical condition that requires the most exact and best care on diet is kidney disease.

What is Chinese nutritional therapy (CNT)?

Chinese nutritional therapy is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM that attains healing by means of natural foods rather than medications. This therapy does not mean going on a diet, but in enhancing the diet of a patient by giving him the opportunity to prepare tasty food that everyone will enjoy and can be readily bought in a local market. It’s all about living a healthy life, without needing to give up all the good stuff.

How is CNT administered?

According to TCM, most foods can be categorized into Yin food and Yang food. The former has the ability to reduce the body’s heat and the latter, the ability to increase the heat. Chinese nutritional therapy is designed to maintain or restore the balance of Yin and Yang in the body by utilizing these two kinds of food in a proper way. A person who consumes excess amounts of Yang food might experience bad breath and acne while a person who eats excess amounts of Yin food can end up anemic or lethargic.

Advantages in controlling kidney disease

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Orlando considers the kidneys as the origin of life or the heart of the Yin and Yang of the body. The basis of Yin Fluid of the entire body is the Kidney Yin that nourishes and moistens our tissues and organs. On the other end, Kidney Yang is the basis of the yang qi of our body that facilitates and warms the mechanisms of our tissues and organs.

Problems in the renal tissues set in when our Kidney yin and yang becomes imbalanced.

Chinese nutritional therapy can restore our kidney Yin and Yang balance by reducing or increasing our consumption of Yin or Yang foods. This concept of foods having innate “cold” or “hot” properties in relation to “yin” or “yang” is considered a valid notion throughout all of China. Because of this belief, different forms of nutritional therapy have been created for different forms of kidney diseases. Recipes designed through nutritional therapy can have infinite variations that are based on taste as well as on the desired health benefits.

What are the benefits of CNT?

Nutritional therapy can instill in you a lifetime of change by developing healthy eating habits in you that will change your attitude toward health and food. The benefits of CNT are:

  • Learning how to prepare delicious, easy to cook, quick, and health meals – Inspiration in the kitchen.
  • A new and healthy relationship with your kidneys and food
  • Better wellbeing and health
  • A new zest for life, increased energy
  • Confidence in the knowledge that the foods you eat are meant to support your kidneys.
  • Sustainable and novel healthy habits that will transform the health of your kidneys in positive and dramatic ways 

Do I need to be good at cooking?

Not really. Does not matter whether you eat your meals out or you cook at home understanding what foods to eat to cure your illness is the only thing that matters. The food recommendations and recipes are easy and simple to apply.

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