Using Feng Shui To Cleanse Your Abdomen & Spleen

The spleen has always been the subject of humor and denigration in Western literature; in Western medicine, it is mostly ignored. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Feng Shui in Bellmore give value to the spleen as the organ in charge of supporting the immune system. The spleen is the largest lymphatic organ in the body and along with its partner, the abdomen, it vibrates with the earth element. And because of its location in the center, the spleen modulates transportation and distribution across all the systems in the body. The spleen and the abdomen, as a pair, are a focal point for the flow of energy and bodily functions. In feng shui, this central position and the physical arrangement of your space is vital. The focal point around which all other activities emanate is called the “Grand Ultimate” or Tai Ji. In the bagua’s cross-dynamic patterns wherein feng shui relates and connects pairs of guas that support each other, the channels always pass through the central point.

The abdomen is essential for the input and output of nutrition which is then separated and refined by the spleen to produce cleansed essences and essentials. Manifested in energy levels, this essence of life is called the sheng chi (qi) which we basically need for good health and well-being. In feng shui, this central point of our space is the health gua that needs to be continuously refreshed and monitored. It is a vital section affiliated with the earth element, but earth spreads throughout the other parts of the bagua as well and relates to an aspect of feng shui in more than one region. The trigram is the relationship corner which, by nature is yin, the feminine or the mother principle. It’s also the understanding and wisdom area as well as an earth gua, which is native to the mountain trigram.

Apart from its myriad of other responsibilities, Earth is also responsible for transitions. Earth is related to Indian summer or Late summer. This is the time for harvest, when nature reaches fruition. Certain TCM traditions attribute the earth element to the last 10 days of each season as a period of transition.

Stability and equilibrium is also related to the Earth element, and so, if the element profile of a person is well balanced, he should feel grounded and centered. Containment is also affiliated with the Earth element. The body’s container is the abdomen that receives and contains nutrition in the initial process of digestion. The spleen contains purified blood platelets and cells.

Earth is the upland where one creates his lifestyle. All surfaces and flat tops are earth, as well as any type of container, i.e. closets, bowls, chests, and vases are designed as gift receptacles from mother earth. To consolidate our intentions, in symbolic feng shui, we recreate natural phenomena with desirable shapes, colors, and objects. When we abide in these features in our space, we need to understand that earth despises stuffed closets and clutter. Overabundance and excess generates earth problems that will make us feel stuck and stagnant.

Earth delights in regularity, favors routine, and loves check lists. The spleen requires focus and concentration. In that regard, the following is a list of feng shui recommendations for an earth friendly environment:

  • Eliminate all irrelevant debris and clutter.
  • Once the containers and surfaces are cleaned, and clothes in drawers and closets are neatly arranged, you can begin by removing anything that’s not gratifying and pleasing to the naked eye. In short, leave or add things that you consider beautiful. This will be extremely beneficial for your spleen.
  • Place a special object that attracts your gaze in the center of your space. This could be a unique piece of furniture, a beautifully woven rug, a crystal, a mobile, or a chandelier.
  • On your floor plan recognize the health section by placing a bagua on the entrance.
  • Within the health section generate feng shui augmentations within the health area. you can do this with shapes, colors and objects.
  • To give yourself a boost, decorate your space with the color yellow, the uplifting color of earth. This can be mums, sunflowers, or a bouquet of yellow flowers.
  • Tonify with foods in earth colors and celebrate the time of harvest. Around themselves, earth dishes are firmly layered or tightly packed.
  • Avoid concentrated and artificial sweeteners as they can injure your spleen. Drink instead natural beverages that are neither cold nor too hot.
  • Your spleen and abdomen connect to your lips and mouth. These organs prefer the sweet flavor which is an earth flavor and is the reason why most people love the taste of sweet.
  • To keep you keep you bound to your space and grounded, you need low flat and heavy, pieces of furniture as an anchor. You may remove them if you’re planning to move.
  • Music and sound to energize earth types need to be drum pieces or repetitive. Try listening to “Bolero” of Ravel.

You will have peace of mind when you are centered and grounded. By following these recommendations, you have honored earth and have also met the needs of your spleen and stomach.

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