Studies Show Better Health And Quality Of Life For People Who Practice Tai Chi

Stress has become a profoundly indelible part of our daily life in our present fast paced ever changing world. It’s becoming a gradually increasing common ailment affecting people at some point in their lives. All people have to cope with stress, as their day seem like a never-ending barrage of trying situations issuing forth from family problems, financial worries, and rising work demands. So what are the solutions to having a more enjoyable, peaceful and healthier life?

Many will say when it all comes down to learning, there’s only one answer; it boils down to the essential and basic element of knowing how to better cope with stressful situations and the multiple pressures of life.

People practicing Eastern traditional philosophies such as qigong, yoga, and tai chi think that re-evaluation and re-learning of one’s basic perspectives and perceptions is the basic essence for generating a happy and balanced human existence; resulting eventually in less stress. If properly taught and performed, these ancient philosophies can provide us with an internal balancing of sorts. This balancing reduces the cumulative negativities of life, and its difficulties and impending stressful situations.

Tai Chi practice is getting recognition because it instills a calm acceptance and ready attitude that foster natural healing techniques, practices, and methods that, in the end, have been shown to promote a healthy and harmonious mind-body lifestyle, alleviate chronic aching, and calm internal stress. Hence, it is not surprising that Tai Chi is attaining such fame in modern society within every segment of the population.

With its roots in China, Tai Chi began as a self defense discipline. It became a daily practice outside the martial arts community for maintaining not only physical fitness and health, but as an interspersed discipline of perspective and attitude as well as a way to reduce stress. This procedure espouses harmony and inner balance with life itself.

Tai Chi espouses internal philosophy, a positive attitude, and techniques that natural shape and blend your internal life force with the life energies to internal attain happiness through long-term perspectives. Tai chi also integrates physical fitness through focused flows of movement bringing about overall improved balance and flexibility.

For those seeking to incorporate Tai techniques and benefits into their daily life, finding an instructor who’s not only learned in the art, but is a Master of the technique itself is probably the most important thing one can do.

There are many products and books available in the market today that could help you study and learn the stress reduction methods of tai chi. Thanks to the steadily advanced technologies of the twenty first century, there now are even a lot of products such as DVDs that can provide a visual step by step instructions from Masters of Tai Chi.

To help newbies learn the ancient art, David-Dorian Ross, Tai Chi Master and Champion made a great learning DVD video that teaches a simple step-by-step method in learning the entire foundation of Tai Chi. Even though some mid level followers would definitely benefit from this DVD, it is also ideal for starters since it enables them to integrate easily the Tai Chi body and mind art into their everyday lives. Through the various and slow motion exercises, DVD viewers can fully learn the art of Tai Chi.

A survey of U.S. residents was conducted by the NCCAM or The National Center for Health Statistics and The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2007. The outcomes of the survey revealed that only 1% of 23,300 users of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) had performed Tai Chi within the initial 12 month period. When adjusted to signify numbers for a national statistic, the total would be about 2.3 million adults across the US implementing andlearning the techniques of Tai Chi.

These days, many people have validated the healing power of Tai Chi; this practice works well for people who suffer from high levels of stress, chronic conditions and various forms of ailments. In 2009, The George Institute for Internal Health discovered that Tai Chi led to healing effects in pain and disabilities among individuals suffering suffer from arthritis.

University of Virginia researchers suggested in their report that body-mind techniques lowered the likelihood of cardiovascular disease in older people. This included benefits in lowering insulin resistance, better cardiovagal function, and improved sleeping, wellbeing and mood. In order to determine long term results, these researchers are continuing their studies in better controlled trials.

Research on Tai Chi’s benefits is ongoing within the science communities. A NCCAM funded study in 2007 showed that Tai Chi led to positive outcomes to over all well-being and the immune system. Another NCCAM in 2008 revealed that Tai Chi practice decreased blood pressure levels for twenty two out of the twenty five participants.

Scientists concur that more research is needed to ascertain the long term benefits related Tai Chi practice.

It’s not difficult to understand why more and more people are turning to Tai Chi with all the benefits this practice has to offer. Whether you want to improve ailing health conditions, reduce stress in your lifestyle, or are looking to develop a better quality of life; Tai Chi can offer a positive natural alternative; teaching harmony and inner balance to bring about amazing healing benefits for boosting both mental wellbeing and physical health and providing the basis for a better quality of life.

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