Feng Shui Techniques To Attract Positive Energy In Your Workplace Or Home

Feng shui is one of the oldest forms of geomancy in the world and has been practiced in China for more than 3500 years.

A Feng Shui expert should be able to determine the interaction between the environment the person dwells in and the person himself in order to bring about good results. Finding where the essential qi is located is vital to this practice as is the rearrangement of objects outdoors or indoors, in the place where you work or of your home, in order for qi to flow endlessly and freely so that positive energy can affect the various aspects of your life.

The Wu Hsing or the five phases of Feng Shui is based on the five elements of wood, water, metal, earth, and fire.

The way this technique works is based on the balance on every one of these elements in the space and room where you live that will help bring in good qi. If the balance of even just one element is not attained, it will carry negative qi into the person’s workplace or home and can affect the person in many different ways.

The most difficult Feng Shui technique to perform is probably the flying star technique. This technique should take into account the factors of the external environment of your home or place of work, a detailed architectural floor plan of your home, and when your place of work or home was built.

The flying star technique often requires the skill and experience of a Feng Shui master and is highly accurate, being one of the most difficult techniques in Feng Shui to perform.

The most popular Feng Shui technique is the Ba Shai or eight mansions technique. To attract positive qi in your environment, the Ba Shai has certain effective techniques that need to be determined and also certain techniques that that need to be avoided in order for it to work well. Since ancient times up to the present, the benefits of Feng Shui have been reported and celebrated by countless numbers of people around the world. This is why it’s still widely used today as it was thousands of years ago.

Dominic Sembello is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist and the clinical director of Health Source Acupuncture in Linwood, NJ.

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