Using Self-Acupressure To Eliminate Dark Circles And Eye Bags Under Your Eyes

The technique of self-acupressure can be a good way of reducing dark circles under the eyes or getting rid of eye bags. It is safe and natural. Below is a list of the things you should know about when using acupressure as a natural eye lift to eliminate eye bags.

Puffiness under the eyes and eyes bags can have several possible causes:

  • Water retention
  • Fatigue, tiredness,
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Vitamin K deficiency
  • Hormonal changes
  • Fat accumulation
  • Excess of salty food
  • Bad blood circulation
  • Allergies from cosmetics, food, dust, chemicals
  • Alcohol intake

In certain circumstances, under eye bags can be hereditary, so fortunately, you know the exact cause and that they will likely appear at some point in your life.

In other instance, the cause is medical: hypothyroidism, kidney disease, toxins.

The first step to treat dark circles and eye bags is to change your lifestyle and dietary habits.

Drinking herbal tea and eating parsley would be a good start.

Many acupressure therapists recommend self-acupressure practices. They are quick and easy to perform, and can quickly help lessen dark circles and eliminate eye bags. Acupressure is a therapy that uses finger pressure to stimulate pressure points in your body. Acupressure is widely used for anti-aging and beauty treatments. When pressure is applied on the appropriate areas around the eyes, it can increase blood circulation in that region, drain lymph and other dust, toxins, and secretions and help strengthen and balance the circulation of vital energy in that area.

Vital energy combines all aspects of your being: emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. When you work on vital energy’s deeper levels, you gain entrance to all these aspects and are able to address the causes of tension that usually related to the tension around your eyes. You boost your health, eventually relaxes the areas around your eyes.

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