Some Western Researchers Still Question The Safety and Efficacy of Acupuncture

More and more Americans are beginning to appreciate the usefulness of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of diseases where Western conventional medical treatments have proven ineffective. The treatments used by Traditional Chinese medical practitioners revolve on the mystical belief that a cosmic energy called chi, moves throughout the human body and when this movement slows down or stagnates due to a blockage, illness and pain occur.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs (main tools used in Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments) help regain the normal energy circulation of chi, curing the illness and pain, enabling the healing of the body. Acupuncture strives to bring back the smooth flow of chi through the insertion of needles into predetermined points on the external ear or skin. Although acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is considered very safe, with little few or no side effects, some medical experts have recently questioned the long held notion that they are risk-free.

The risks related to acupuncture include fainting, localized infections, convulsions, hematoma, and punctured lung due to incorrect needle handling and needle manipulation. Besides that, Hepatitis B can occur if the acupuncture needles are unclean and not well sterilized. Some other risks involve skin diseases and nerve damage. But as with any type of medical procedure, if administered by a licensed and qualified practitioner/physician, acupuncture, as several studies have indicated, is practically free of risk.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture follow standards that still are not completely sanctioned by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but then again this government agency has demonstrated prejudice against natural modes of treatment and so this fact shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is true that the acupuncture needles ought not to be utilized more than once. Also, unfortunately, many Western-trained physicians have a negative attitude to the certification process in becoming a certified practitioner. They view this process as a sham and that by and large, the acupuncture profession is more interested in making money by catering to the despair of people who have not gotten well from the use of conventional Western treatments.

This ludicrous argument has been used by the National Council Against Health Fraud as an excuse to judge acupuncture as an unproven treatment modality whose manner of healing is antiquated and unproven with the perceived benefits as merely elicited by the patient’s own expectations and the placebo effect.

Chinese herbal medicine, unlike acupuncture, surprisingly has been well accepted by some researchers. Research has revealed that herbal treatments very seldom lead to any negative reactions. The herbs, actually, have been proven to be a whole lot safer compared to most pharmaceutical medicines. Traditional and modern herbal treatments are now commercially available for practically all ages and for a wide variety of physical condition.

Chinese herbal treatment are now being used to address a wide variety of illnesses health including alcoholism, smoking and other addictive behaviors; respiratory disorders; childhood illnesses; allergies; gynecological disorders; digestive problems; immunity issues; psychological disorders; pain; and many more health conditions.

Another extremely useful aspect of Chinese herbal medicine is that it can be used safely by pregnant with any risk at all.

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