Tui Na Massage Therapy For Children

As a less invasive alternative to acupuncture in Cleveland on broadway, there is an especially powerful type of Tui Na Massage that’s specifically used to treat children. It’s call Pediatric Tui Na and is a viable option for treating children because it has no negative side effects and is gentle to use. Acupuncture points (acupoints) are stimulated without the need for needles; hence, the general movement of chi or energy can be controlled and regulated, just like in acupuncture. Children up to 6 years old respond well to this gentle type of treatment.

Pediatric Tui Na is designed to help restore the balance of energy in the body, and can help treat a variety of children conditions, including appetite loss, fever, nausea, diarrhea, nightmares, and bed-wetting. It also oftentimes used to prevent or treat illness. Common signs and symptoms of imbalanced energy in children include clinginess, irritability, lack of appetite excessive thirst and hunger, and redness in the cheeks. This is the best time to utilize Tui Na in order to prevent actual illnesses and to restore energy balance in the body.

Moreover, Pediatric Tui Na encourages healthy maturation. Studies show that infants and babies develop well from the touch of a loving parent. Children who receive this kind of attention in fact, gain weight properly and are healthy throughout their development.

A typical session of Pediatric Tui Na massage may last as long as twenty minutes. It needs to be administered as often as possible depending on the condition of the child. The methods are simple and easy to learn and hence can be performed at home between treatments with a Tui Na practitioner.

Pediatric Tui Na works for a number of illnesses:

  • Urinary: edema, urinary retention, enuresis,
  • Digestive: vomiting, anorexia, constipation, diarrhea, food stagnation, stomach pain
  • Respiratory: cough, influenza, asthma, bronchiolitis, pneumonia
    Others: night crying, mouth ulcer, cerebral palsy, myogenic torticollis

Tui Na is contraindicated in cases of:

  • Skin disease
  • Blood disease
  • Acute surgery
  • Infectious disease
  • Fracture

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