How Is Cupping Therapy Done?

Chinese Medicine has existed for around five millennia. One of its treatments, known as Cupping Therapy has also been practiced by the Egyptians and Arabs independent of Chinese influence thousands of years ago. The cups used in cupping therapy then were made of bronze, clay pottery, animal horn, or bamboo…. Continue reading

A Modern Overview Of Chinese Cupping Therapy

Recently, there is growing evidence of the potential benefits of Chinese cupping therapy in Orlando for the treatment of pain-related infirmities. This article provides an overview of the practice of cupping therapy. In addition, this article recommends a new categorization of cupping therapy sets, a current categorization of the forms… Continue reading

Cupping Therapy And Pure Salt Therapy Can Work For The Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes

There are two kinds of diabetes: diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. Diabetes Mellitus Seven percent of the general population suffers from diabetes mellitus. This type of diabetes can be divided into insulin-dependent (type 1 diabetes) and non insulin-dependent (type 2 diabetes). Ten percent of diabetes mellitus sufferers have type-1 diabetes… Continue reading

Cupping Therapy As An Excellent Tool Against Uncontrollable Coughing

Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine (now often called Oriental Medicine) treatment that originated thousands of years ago in Asia. It is a holistic medical procedure which is part of alternative medicine. Placing pneumatic plastic cups to specific areas of the body is very effective and potent in relieving the… Continue reading