The Efficacy And Safety Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cancer therapies are often as deadly as the disease itself. HIV patients face impending death in the hope that it will be painless and swift. Diabetics live off insulin tubes day by day which could be costly and painful.

Yet, these are the treatments these patients continue to depend on when there are other potentially lower risk and less painful alternatives. There is a wide range of lower medical systems and profile therapies out there, of which a majority evolved from traditional healing methods. TCM or traditional Chinese medicine is one conspicuous classical medical system that has been in use for the last five millennia.

Medicinal safety

There are simple reasons why the medical system of the West is the world’s foremost mainstream healthcare; it has been backed by several clinical studies with measurable and observable outcomes. Western medications are created in the same approach. They are primarily derived from isolated compounds whose effects can be justified and measured. However, every medication is tested within a controlled environment over relatively short years and no one really knows whether its use still stays safe with prolonged use and in all situations. Damage has usually already been done before the adverse medications are recalled.

TCM, in contrast, has been vetted and tested by countless human trials across thousands of years. TCM herbs that are commonly used are guaranteed to be safe for human consumption. Medicinal herbs, within the lore of TCM, are similar to vegetables as they are nature’s products that nourish the body like conventional food. Even with too much intake, typical TCM herbs merely generate minor side effects, such as diarrhea or nose bleeding.

Approach to Healing

Western medications are usually designed to replenish certain substances that the body lacks or to counter certain conditions. More often than not, it repairs the body to the point that is ‘not functional or sick, but in good health’. Drug reliance or resistance, in the mean time, is thus developed as it may not be as effective again.

TCM utilizes a holistic approach to health, and that is to address the underlying root of the problem while maintaining balance in the body. This can be attained by strengthening the immune system of the body via a concoction of different herbs that is gentle and synergistic as they neutralize each other’s negative attributes. This system helps the body to get healthier whilst enhancing natural resistance towards that specific condition, in the same manner as vaccination.


Imaging the body as an extended series of mathematical formulae – an illness is best depicted as an aberration that’s inserted onto the formula disarranging some of its variables. The immune system is a component of the body formula that takes care of all the variables.

When pure substances or drugs is added into the body formula, it could either be a set of formula designed to balance or neutralize the anomaly, although it may be difficult track the changes to other variables certain variables are altered so that the general formula still works despite the appearance of the anomalies. It could also be a series of formulae that’s designed to offset the anomaly, but it is difficult to monitor the modification to the other variables. At the same time, large amounts may overcome both the body formula and the anomaly.

Herbal formulas in contrast, restore balance in the body variables and boost the sub formula of the immune system rather than attacking directly the anomaly. The anomaly is then repelled by the immune system through time which is slower but safer as little or no damage is done to the body variables.

Healing Capacity

Despite contrary notions, TCM works extremely well especially against chronic diseases. There are reasons why no TCM products are recognized as such. One reason is that ingredients in TCM contains various types of qualities of properties that their cumulative impacts may not be accurately measured thus cannot be attributed to any sort of recovery. With the inability to accurately measure TCM medicinal effects, mainstream healthcare and governments denies almost all claims of TCM products, limiting them for treatment of common ailments. Though many argue this is to protect ignorant consumers.

The missed fact is that TCM lore is comprised of thousands of different herbs that can result in a countless number of combinations and effects. It is not only probable but also possible, that there exist a few formulations that can be effective against cancer.

Cautionary note

TCM herbal products are effective and dependable but hard to come by, due partly to issues of product authenticity of Chinese products. Users need to look for trustworthy sources and do adequate research prior to trying any of these products. Talking to credible practitioners first will be a good idea as illnesses differ from person to person.

Final note

This article is not intended to vilify modern Western medicine. There are a lot of occasions where western practices are more preferred, such as occasions where surgery is needed. However, it is important that people should know that alternative treatments are available and should be taken into account whenever you have a health problem.

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