The Healing Power Of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Are you aware that the drugs — old and new — that are found in your medicine cabinet are directly descended from the herbs your ancestors used in their homes? Healthcare practitioners who use herbs properly on a daily basis are inspired by Spring and welcome the oldest friends of humanity as they rise up once again in gardens and woodlands. This is a primeval relationship: one our forefathers leaned on for their health and strength. The human race, as we know it, might not exist today without herbs.

The Potency of Chinese Medicinal Herbs

In the treatment rooms of San Antonio, TX Chinese medicine clinics, the efficacy of these plants is proven on a daily basis, and, according to Five Element Theory, is especially poignant in Spring. This is the time when the Gallbladder and Liver are especially active, processing more ‘Qi,’ (Energy/Life-force) than any other time of the year. Creativity and tranquility flow when these organs are balanced and healthy; frustration and irritation set in when they’re not — and acupuncture in San Antonio and Chinese medical herbs provide the remedy.

These days, a lot of people are so busy trying to balance several various requirements in their lives all at once, to the point where the Qi that fuels their organs becomes imbalanced; and reasonably, if our organs are out-of-balance, we are out of balance. And because one can’t change easily the situations that cause overall stress, high blood pressure, eczema, migraines, or whatever ails them, one can seek relief from age-old herbal remedies – what’s sometimes referred to as “forgotten foods” — that have helped people improve the well being and health for thousands of years.

Therefore, in Spring whenever you experience pressure in your head, jittery nerves, or tightness in your jaw, drink a Chinese herbal medicinal “tea,” made up of two dozen different herbs. It can convert those ailments into a feeling of balance and calmness.

As we continue to move through the seasons of life, bear in mind how Chinese medicine can help maintain and cultivate your health. If you want to get started but new to this type of medicine, start by paying attention to what you’re feeling so you can talk about your symptoms with a qualified practitioner who can assist you in overcoming whatever it is that ails you.

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