Miami Treatments for Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety disorders do not only cause fear and sadness, it can lead to physical conditions and mental complications particularly when the anxiety is left untreated and allowed to fester in the person’s mind for a long time.  Some of these symptoms include difficulty sleeping, headache, fatigue and muscle stiffness.  While some conventional medical approaches are tried and tested for anxiety, there are likewise potent alternative approaches that can be as potent and as beneficial if the conventional modalities should fail.  It is important though that consulting with your doctor first before moving on to these types of treatment should be done.  Often it is best to combine alternative treatment procedures with those of the conventional approaches as is done by many doctors who may also be practitioners of these alternative forms of treatment.

Acupuncture Miami and Massage Therapy – Acupuncture is a very good form of alternative treatment that works on the physical as well as the mental aspect of the individual.  Acupuncture for some can be a very soothing and comfortable experience and it can likewise be a reinvigorating one.  Some who find relaxation in acupuncture tend to have greatly reduced stress in them, lower heart rate and lower blood pressure.  A sense of calmness and tranquility is felt which essentially removes anxiety and stress.  With regards to depression which is another emotional negativity, people have sought acupuncture as a treatment because of its relaxing and calming effects.   A lot of people have replaced their sleeping pills, tranquilizers and anti-depressants with regular acupuncture treatment because they feel a lot better from this treatment than with the effects of their medications.  Acupuncture is theorized to help stimulate the production and release of pain-killing chemicals that cause the mind and body to feel tranquil and relaxed.  These chemicals are called endorphins and are sometimes called the body’s natural “feel good” chemicals.  These endorphins are beneficial in the treatment of low and high emotions such as depression and anxiety and their effect helps lessen both physical and mental stress.

Massage therapy or sometimes called physiotherapy is another great reliever of anxiety.  The tight muscles in stressful and anxious individuals can be a cause for their headache and body pain associated with stress and anxiety. Massaging loosens the tight muscles allowing blood to flow freely in the tight muscle area relieving any discomfort and pain particularly neck pain and headache caused by the muscle tension.  Like acupuncture massage therapy greatly relaxes the person and melts away the stress and anxiety in the mind and body.  Again as with acupuncture the body is revitalized as the loose muscles allow improvement in blood circulation providing the body much needed blood and nutrients that give the person more energy and also boost the function of his immune system.

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