Relieve Undesirable Menopause Symptoms with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Menopause symptoms can be eased considerably with acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture can also decrease a lot of the unwanted symptoms that women often experience around the ages of 45 to 60. For women who prefer not to undergo HRT or hormone replacement therapy, the gentle 4000 year-old acupuncture protocols for menopause can help a lot. You should think very carefully about the natural options you choose before you reach such undesirable circumstances that your gynecologist might hand you a prescription for Premarin. Acupuncturists are practitioners trained to help you make transition to menopause an easy one. Acupuncture can eliminate or at least lessen night sweats and hot flashes, and also enable you to sleep better giving you an overall improved mood and more intimate pleasure and moisture.

A very old ancient Chinese medical tradition, acupuncture uses more than 2,000 acupoints and 12 energy channels called meridians to restore balance and help boost performance. In an acupuncture procedure, sterilized disposable extremely thin needles are used to stimulate the acupoints.

Besides acupuncture Chinese medicine practitioners in Saratoga Springs also use other non-invasive procedures such as meditation, exercise, and Chinese herbs. Treatments are basically painless although occasionally can result in tingling sensations the moment needles are stuck into the skin. Moreover, more than one needle is used for acupuncture to be effective than placebos at relieving the symptoms of menopause.

According to acupuncturists, the hormonal or endocrine system is closely related to the internal balance of the energies of Yin and Yang. Picture the Yang energy is a fuel that makes the car run and the yin as the coolant that prevents the car’s engine from overheating. This analogy can be better understood when there is a dramatic reduction in the energy of yin during menopause which results in lack of cooling of the body and causes a feeling of being “wired and tired” at the same time, irritability, night sweats, and hot flashes.

As acupuncturists, our job is to nourish and boost yin energy using herbs and acupuncture, which makes the Yin and Yang in proper equilibrium with each other in the body.

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