Clinical Studies Reveal How Tinnitus Develops and How Acupuncture Can Help Relieve Symptoms

If you feel a ringing sound in your ears after going to a loud concert, researchers from the University of Michigan believe that the nerves that allows you to feel touch on your neck and face may have been affected by the loudness of the concert. Scientists from the U-M… Continue reading

If You’re Suffering From Tinnitus, You Should Seriously Consider Getting Acupuncture

There are a lot of health problems that many of us have to cope with on a regular basis that can be rectified to a certain extent with some form of natural cure. Usually, there are foods available that can assist usthere are also instances where it may require a… Continue reading

Tinnitus and How Chinese Medicine Works to Resolve Its Symptoms

Presently, literally millions of people around the world are needlessly suffering from the effects of tinnitus. A lot of them have no idea where to go for help. The good news is there are several various medical options, alternative and conventional, that can help treat this condition. Acupuncture is one… Continue reading