Tinnitus Prevention

Not all types of tinnitus can be prevented; most of the time, however, this condition can be prevented. Prevention can entail taking certain forms of precautions that makes the likelihood for developing this condition highly improbable.

The Protection of Your Hearing is Imperative

Exposing your ears to loud noises like brush cutters, mowers, machinery, firing of pistols, rifles and explosions can result in tinnitus. Wearing sufficient ear protection like ear plugs and ear muffs enables you to prevent long term or permanent damage to your ears.

Lower the Volume

Mobile listening and communication devices like cell phones, portable and MP3 players have led to a rise in numbers of tinnitus cases especially among the younger people in every society.

Teaching individuals to lower the level of volume of these devices can prevent tinnitus and any other hearing problem. Studies have proven that many conventional activities like orchestras, rock bands, marching bands and other performing arts can have deleterious effects to the ears (like ringing in the ears) on many individuals.

Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise and a healthy diet do have positive effects on the mental and physical health of the person. These two lifestyle factors greatly reduce the likelihood of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Diabetes and high blood pressure in some cases can lead to tinnitus. Prevention of tinnitus can also be aided by reducing or better yet avoiding the consumption of the following substances:

  • Tobacco products – Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor (narrows the blood vessels) that can to the development of tinnitus
  • Caffeine contained in certain beverages like coffee and high energy drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks

Avoid Certain Medicines

A lot of medications have undesirable side effects that can cause you to develop or aggravate your tinnitus. More often than not the tinnitus noise will stop when you cease taking these medications. Medicines likely to cause tinnitus can include cancer drugs, diuretics, aspirin, malaria medicines and antibiotics.

Taking care of yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle will prevent you from developing tinnitus. The most important thing to remember in tinnitus prevention is to educate people about this condition especially to the young.

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