The Tremendous Benefits Acupuncture Can Give A New Mother Suffering from Postpartum Problems

Acupuncture treatment for postpartum recovery can be helpful in resolving some of the challenges that women face after giving birth. These may include:

-Persistent Lochia
-Healing of incisions and pain from Cesarean surgery
-Mastitis, problems in milk production and breastfeeding

Continuing acupuncture treatment after birth is just as important as receiving acupuncture treatments prior to birth because it benefits both mother and baby as the mother can function healthily and well enabling her to fully care for her newborn. Besides, helping the mother feel better initially after giving birth, Chinese herbs and acupuncture, from the viewpoint of an acupuncturist, can provide the mother with a more profound understanding of the progress of her recovery and also provide her with proper maintenance and preventative healthcare.

Labor and delivery needs a tremendous amount of resources and energy. For a new mother, giving herself time to recover and rest is as important as caring for her newborn. Typically, a woman needs to rest and recover for a period of six weeks, after delivery. During those times, she may encounter a number of symptoms caused by the imbalance of her vital energy or Qi. She may suffer from symptoms such as fatigue, depression, moods swings, heaviness and numbness of the extremities, and body aches.

Acupuncture for Cesarean Delivery

A woman’s quick recovery is important regardless if she delivered by C-section or vaginally. A Cesarean operation is considered major surgery and so it is important that a woman take a lot of time and care to recover. To help her recover very well and quickly, acupuncture can be administered to help restore strength to her abdominal core muscles, and her internal organs such as the reproductive organs and the bladder, as well as heal the tissue around the incision. Acupuncture can help her heal more effectively and move more efficiently to so she may be able care for her baby and herself in a much better way.
Acupuncture for Postpartum Depression in Overland Park

Clinical studies reveal acupuncture as a very powerful treatment for depression. In treating postpartum depression, acupuncture can help release endorphins in the bloodstream, relax the body, increase the healing chemistry of the brain, boost blood circulation, and regulate enzymes and hormones. Besides balancing the mood swings of the new mother, acupuncture also strengthens her immune system, and boosts nutrient absorption to endow her with a better capability to give the best care to her child.

Barring any birth complications, postpartum acupuncture treatment can be given almost immediately to aid in the healing process. Home visits by the acupuncturist may start three days after delivery and then continued once a week for a month. Chinese herbal formulas may be recommended if regular home visits are not possible.

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