Some Of The Advantages Of Chinese Medicine Over Western Medicine

Long before the creation of the Western medical system, most people who lived during ancient days survived and even lived healthier lives than people in today’s generation. The Chinese are famous for this attribute; their customary manner of preserving health and healing has actually been studied by more and more people in the Western world.

An age-old medical system that was used by the ancient people of China, TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic practice that involves a deep understanding of natural laws and their interrelationship with the human body. It espouses a holistic approach that incorporates the emotions, soul, spirit, mind, and personality of a person in order to recommend a completely effective solution that strives to heal the underlying root of diseases and not merely the symptoms.

Acupuncture in Jacksonville is one of the most widely used methods of these ancient traditional medicines. It involves stimulating the points that relate to the organs and their corresponding systems. These acupuncture points or acupoints are the body locations from which energies are sent between the internal organs and the body. In Chinese language, these points are called hsuxue.

Acupuncture is merely one among a diverse plethora of potent Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies and techniques. There are a number of other techniques of applying the ancient Chinese healing procedures; some of the more popular ones include – Chinese psychology, food for healing, acupressure, herbal medicine, and Qi gong.

Ancient Chinese medicine purists argue that Chinese treatments produce more benefits to the body than the frequently used western medicines. Aside from the fact that this form of medicine has a rich tradition of proven success, both among the ancient people and the existing generation, it is also a proven method to heal both the mind and the body of the sick.

In addition, a combination of Chinese medicines has been proven potent enough to cure a wide array of diseases. This approach has been known to have treated more protracted diseases or sicknesses such as sexual dysfunctional diseases, fibroids, and even cancer.

One unique aspect of Chinese medicine is that it addresses a certain type of disease or illness such as the common cold rather than using a general approach. In this system, diseases have a lot of types and categories, whereas modern therapy tends to consider any cold as uniformly one and the same, which is often the reason it cannot be cured by medications and only the symptoms are taken care of.

Because of its chemically unprocessed and raw form of treatment, Chinese medicines have also been known to provide additional medical benefits. Most professionals argue that the human body is normally trained to develop resistances to drugs and chemicals, which means that as time goes by, Western medications are likely to have a waning effect on the body. On the other hand, Traditional Chinese medicine has adopted a natural approach that slowly heals the root of a disease prior to resolving the symptoms.

Lastly, Chinese treatment has been known to treat the rarest types of diseases, which in the Western medical world may not have a ready-made treatment for them. Chinese treatment has a registry of hundreds of diseases with their corresponding traditional andtreatments. This is due to the fact that this alternative healing system has survived for more than two millennia.

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