Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture And Pregnancy

In this article, I’ll be discussing a topic surrounded by excitement, fear and the list of do’s and don’ts that can be more than a little overwhelming. I’m talking about those 40 weeks in a woman’s life that change everything. I’m talking about pregnancy. More specifically, I will be discussing… Continue reading

The Many Benefits Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Can Provide Pregnant Women

Acupuncture and certain Chinese herbal remedies can be used by pregnant women to make their pregnancy much easier especially if they help the fetus develop harmoniously by improving mother’s immune functions and reinvigorating her metabolism and body. These treatments can also address pregnancy-related complications, such as: iron-deficiency anemia, urinary infections,… Continue reading

Acupuncture Helps in Treating Infertility

The ancient healing art of acupuncture has been used in the Orient to relieve pain and treat many forms of illnesses.  The treatment involves the use of filiform sterile needles inserted at points in the body to address conditions of different body organs.  The points used in needling have underlying… Continue reading