Depression – Lifestyle and Home Remedies

There are many home remedies for depression. A positive change of lifestyle is obviously needed in order for the depressed person to get out from his funk. Here are some helpful tips to help you battle depression successfully.

Do not take your therapies for granted – If you really want to treat your depression be sure not to skip on your psychotherapy appointments.  No reason is excusable for you to not go to your therapies. Depression can potentially be a deadly condition for any person who has severe or even clinical depression. Never skip out on your medications since if you skip or stop, withdrawal symptoms might plague you and your depression can even become more severe than ever.

Read – Read inspiring books as well as ones rich in quotes and thoughts. They can be powerful motivators and uplift thoughts which may all be what you need to gradually guide you into a normal and happy life. Also read to learn about depression. This is one way to empower yourself and take positive steps to bring you back to normalcy.

Never ignore warning signs – Formulate ways to better handle your symptoms. You can ask the help of your family or friends to monitor your depression symptoms and signs to help prevent the worsening of your condition.

Exercise – Healthy and fun activities such as swimming or gardening or merely walking can help uplift your mood and make you relaxed and light .

Stop taking any harmful substances – Illegal drugs and alcohol will definitely deteriorate your condition. Get professional help if the temptation for drugs and alcohol is irresistible.

Sleep – Sleep can refresh your mind and body helping you to feel relaxed.  Consult with your doctor if you find it hard to sleep. Also drinking lots of water can help relax your body and flush out harmful toxins and free radicals in your blood.

Share your problems with friends – It is a great blessing to have friends who are willing to give you their time for you to share all your sadness and problems with them. They can help lift a great load in your mind and help you feel a whole lot better afterwards.

Nature – Be in a place where the splendor of nature is displayed. Your therapy can be feeling the morning fresh air, the chirping of the birds and the view and smell of the green grass and flowers. They all provide a pleasant sensation that can bring you to clarity of thought and feeling of pleasantness.

Do not watch TV – TV can be filled with shows about sadness, violence and relationship problems which may strike a resonant chord in you. They can make you even sadder and depressed. If you do want to watch TV choose programs that show quizzes, healthy and funny shows and certain cartoons that can make you laugh.

Write – You can keep a diary and list down the good things that happen in your life. If there is something close to your heart you want to write about then jot them down. If you want to write about your sorrows and problems, be sure to analyze them and really reflect if they really warrant your depression. Most of the time you would see that they are not worth the sufferings you are experiencing and then you can begin to bring yourself to feel good once more.

Try to be more social – If you go out, you might even see and be inspired by people who are even worse off than you are in many ways but still are strong enough to go on and handle life heroically.

Try to help others – Maybe you can find someone you can help. Helping someone can be a therapy for you enabling you to feel good about yourself since if you can help someone in the state you are in, you can be sure that there are other good people like you around making the world more worthwhile to live in.

Love – If you can’t love a person, try to adopt a pet who will unconditionally love you. This will give you at least one very good reason to live and be happy.

Other good home remedies for depression include:

Yoga/Breathing exercises

Listening to your favorite music


Foods – Cashew nuts rich in vitamin B, milk, honey and apple

Herbs – Asparagus root, rose petals

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