Acupuncture is a Treatment That Is Socially Just and Ecologically Friendly

Acupuncture began and remains an individualized form of treatment. The needles are applied into one person at a time by one person at a time. This meant that the practitioner and his/her patient can develop a human relationship that’s totally real.

Besides human health, acupuncture has wider implications for social justice and ecology as well. These dimensions are less known compared to its healing benefits. This article will talk a little about acupuncture’s role in ecology and social justice.

In terms of technology, acupuncture is considered a very ‘light’ one. The skill needed to perform acupuncture successfully resides in people and in the technology it utilizes (the acupuncture needle). The procedure is quite simple, and the needle costs little effort and money to produce. What most people are unaware of is that acupuncture needles are actually recyclable. When performing acupuncture, practitioners do not need ultra-sophisticated machinery that modern western medicine use, which requires extraordinary amounts of energy to make them run. In terms of ecology, acupuncture is a very environmentally-friendly type of medicine.

Acupuncture is also a healing modality that promotes social justice in a certain way. One thing that hides this fact is the subsidies that governments dole out to western medicine. There certainly would be very few people that would use Western medicine if they had to pay for the medicines and machines that they directly use. Even the cost of common drugs for blood pressure is somewhat high. You might be paying hundreds of dollars for just a single dose of more specialized medications. One machine you may need to help you manage a certain health condition can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Compared to this, the acupuncture needle is certainly very, very cheap. This implies that acupuncture is a very inexpensive and readily accessible treatment for both poor and rich folks alike.

Training is the other cost related to medicine. I’m certain that this can be achieved easily and quickly. Sadly, neither professional associations nor private colleges are interested in making acupuncture as speedy and easy as possible. My acupuncture education has convinced me that it’s possible to learn this treatment easily and simply more so with the type of media that we now have that can be accessed on line making it possible to teach acupuncture in virtually any part of the globe in real time. Of course, there still needs to be some person to person training as well although this can be fairly brief and concentrated on the people to people aspect – how to get along with patients when conducting diagnosis examinations and treatment. All the theory can be demonstrated and delivered on line. This can mean rapid and easy training of huge numbers of acupuncturists all at the same time.

So we can see why as a form of medicine, acupuncture is both ecologically sound and provides social justice to all peoples in a society.

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