Chinese Herbal Tonics To Boost Male Sexual Vitality And Health And Jing

Male sexual vitality and health is an important topic for men of all ages. It is an important aspect in a man’s self–image and in healthy relationships. The bad news is lots of men are unaware of the elements necessary for maintaining their sexual vitality for the rest of their lives. A majority of them think that sexual health is a function that gets weaker with age. Nothing could be further from the truth. With the right lifestyle management, nutrition, and education, active sexual health can be preserved even well into the 80’s and 90’s. In fact, lots of magazines have published real-life stories of octogenarians living satisfying sexual lives with their partners. This should not come as a surprise since good health is a very essential part of male sexual potency.

The Basis of Sexual Vitality and Energy

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jacksonville, the foundation of a strong sex drive (sexual libido) is an abundance of Jing or life energy. This energy is also called ‘Essence’ and its existence is the basis of good health. We inherit Jing from our parents. It is also replenished through the air we breathe and the food we eat. The kidneys and the energy meridians of the kidney are where the Jing is housed. The kidneys are considered the gate of life in Chinese medicine. This means one can only maintain a powerful sexual force by cultivating and conserving this Jing energy. However, as one ages, this Jing energy gets slowly depleted. Ejaculation and stress can also decrease this energy. A man’s life essence is directly lost through ejaculation. This is the reason that after sex, men feel tired even after the intercourse only lasted a few minutes. Hence, the reinvigoration of the kidney Jing is the first step in restoring sexual potency.

The Basis for Male Sexual Libido: The Yin and Yang of the Kidney

One can restore Jing by nourishing the Yin of the Kidney. You may have heard about Yin and Yang, which is like the positive and negative forces of electricity. These two ancient Chinese medicine concepts need to be in balance in order to restore or maintain the well-being and health of a person. Yin and Yang are opposite forces that complement each other. Sometimes, one force dominates the other creating an imbalance in the body. This imbalance leads to underling health problems that can manifest in various forms of symptoms.

Basically, yin energy can be seen as the part of the energetic cycle in which energy is being stored, assimilated, and accumulated, while Yang can be seen as the part of the cycle wherein manifestation or active expression is occurring. So, Yin can be depicted as a state of passivity, quietness, and receptivity, while Yang as motion and activity. Because these two energies are directly opposite each other, they are unable to exist in and of themselves. They need each other in order to exist.

As mentioned a while ago, the process of ejaculation can cause a man to deplete his life force or Kidney Yin. Kidney Yin energy is weakened when a man ejaculates. Combined with the aging process, immoderate ejaculation can substantially deplete this force which is vital in a man’s ability to maintain an erection. Hence, he needs to boost enhance his kidney yin/life force/ in order to stay hard if he is weakened through sexual activity. Chinese medicine practitioners will prescribe a number of Chinese herbal tonics that can help nourish kidney yin which can help foster the sexual energy of a man. These products include White Peony Root, Schizandra Berries, Lychee Fruit, and Rehmannia.

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