Prevent and Treat Common Illnesses By Practicing Natural Nei Gong Exercises

Nei Gong or Nei Kung is an age old practice that originated in the internal martial arts. It was more often practiced in the Wudang and Shaolin temples to maintain harmony and health by balancing and internal harmonizing internal and external energy. It can be an indispensible complement to any Tuina practitioner’s wellbeing and health. In this modern age, physicians in China do not have the inclination or time to confer on their students the advantages of Nei Kung or even Chi Kung. The physicians who have been practicing for the past 50 years have been using various energy enhancement techniques including Iron Shirt, Tai Chi, or Nei Gong in the treatment of their patients.

What any acupuncturist, massage therapist, or Tuina practitioner should realize is that Nei Kung can be an important modality to remain grounded; prevent colds, coughs, and illness; and to maintain health. At a much higher level, a practitioner may undergo extensive periods of heightened perception and awareness, as well as to effect a healing response by having the power to project Qi or Chi into their patients.

What are the Different Forms of Nei Kung?

Nei Kung has different numerous styles. The Yin Jin Jing or ‘Tendon Changing Classic’ is one specific style I very much recommend. This style is based on thousands of years of history centered on restorative Taoist exercises and internal martial arts. One other powerful style is called the ‘Eight Palm Standing Set.’ This is a more obscure form of Nei Kung despite the fact it is very easy to learn and effectively execute. Acupuncture and Tui Na practitioner in Spokane should at least take into account some type of internal energy exercise to prevent burnout from their profession.

Nei Kung is a practice that integrates specific breathing, moving, and standing exercises the focuses on utilizing the mind in order to refine, observe, and project the movement of Chi or Qi within the body. It is different from Qi Gong or Chi Kung essentially because it focuses on the energy that already exists in the body. They do not make any attempt to extract Chi from the outside in.

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