Miami Acupuncture and Hair Growth

By stimulating the flow of blood and chi to flow freely around the body, acupuncture can cure or address problems where blood and energy stimulation are the issue.  In the case of hair, as the body ages, the flow of blood and the nourishment of tissues are not as vigorous as they were during a person’s youth.

Because blood and chi energy is depleted in the scalp due to age and other factors such as stress, unhealthy lifestyle or accident, hair follicles become undernourished and this leads to hair loss.

Acupuncture Miami is the application of reed-thin needles at specific points in the body to unblock and allow optimal flow of chi and blood throughout the body.  When chi and blood flow becomes inefficient disease and sickness occurs.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the quality of the hair depends on the amount of chi, kidney energy and blood flowing in the body.  The kidney plays an important role in hair growth and when kidney chi is depleted, hair loss happens.

The acupuncturist normally applies needles directly in the scalp to stimulate chi and blood flow in that area.  Since the kidney chi is the organ that is responsible for hair growth, the acupuncturist also inserts needles on various points in the body where meridians are located that lead to the kidneys.  This is to stimulate blood and chi flow all over the body and to vitalize the kidneys.

In lieu of the needles, the acupuncturist also can use the seven-star hammer.  This is an instrument shaped like a hammer with several needles projecting out of its face.  The acupuncturist uses this instrument on your scalp by tapping it in the scalp surface, which then promotes blood flow and enables new hair growth.

Apart from this treatment, the acupuncturist will advise the use of proper herbs, supplement and diet.  Unhealthy lifestyle and an imbalanced diet affect chi flow around the body and so it is important that one needs to change his/her lifestyle to prevent chi depletion.

A study done in 2004 revealed a success rate of 83 percent with alopecia, or hair loss on people who were treated with the seven-star hammer in conjunction with the external application of the Chinese herb astralagus.  This result concretely verifies the efficacy of acupuncture and herbal treatment on hair loss.

This treatment has more been sought after by men considering male patterned baldness is endemic among 35% of male population in the age of 40 and above.  Acupuncture treatment for hair loss is also the most economical method for hair recovery.  A typical hair transplant would cost tens of thousands of dollars compared to acupuncture and herbal therapy for hair loss, which would cost a mere fraction of what hair surgeons charge.

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