Acupuncture Overland Park and DNA

DNA carries the person’s whole blueprint and thus carries the information of a person’s mood, personality, disposition and psychological content not to mention the physical profile of the person.

Since personality, psychological content and even the physical aspect of the person can be altered, DNA probably can be altered according to what and who a person is.  If a person is disposed to getting cancer, chances are he/she can pass on this disposition to his/her child.

Can acupuncture Overland Park be able to stop the process of passing on a genetic ailment to the parent’s offspring?  There are still no conclusive studies to that effect; however, genetic traits like obesity, cystic fibrosis or hypertension among other genetically passed on abnormalities can be treated with acupuncture or herbal medicine.

If the DNA of the person carries genetic flaws like obesity, acupuncture can repair the organ where chi is blocked or impeded in its flow.  Since the organs are being repaired, then cells that are responsible for this disorder are being repaired as well.  Cell and organ repair then means DNA repair albeit at the cellular level.

Acupuncture with help from herbal plants have the potential to repair DNA flaws at the molecular level, which is the level of DNA.  The nutritious food that we eat is one way Chi goes to our body.  Eating the right foods means taking in the optimal amount of Chi, this replenishes and rejuvenates our body.

The Japanese are the people with the best longevity in the world.  Their diet consists of low cholesterol level food.  The Abkhazians of the Caucasus Mountains touted to have the greatest longevity ever even if some of these claims may have been exaggerated have nevertheless aged people running up and down mountains with nary a pant or a drop of sweat to be found on their bodies or faces.  They follow a plant-based diet consisting of raw-green salad and nuts taken from their gardens.

The flow of chi, which acupuncture was discovered precisely attend to this, when optimally flowing throughout the body, replenishes the body with energy from the molecular level up to the anatomical systems of the body.  Perhaps, in the future, studies will show if acupuncture does have an impact on the molecular level of the body.

Evidence that molecular DNA can be altered and repaired can be seen by just observing people who were treated with suspected genetic dispositions like obesity (over eating) and have been cured.  Most of them displayed marked changed personalities.  Whereas, before they would have found irresistible to indulge themselves with gratuitous eating, after treatment with acupuncture, they have been successful at turning their backs or shunning foods that they have so craved for before.

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