Acupuncture for Dry Skin

A lot of people suffer from dry skin during the season of winter months. Some have dry skin even all throughout the year! When your skin dries up the sensation can be uncomfortable, tender to the touch, burning, itchy or scaly. It’s hard to choose the right skin creams because most of these products are now brimming with toxic substances that are absorbed by the skin and make their way into your blood stream. The good news it that you can opt for natural alternatives that are very safe to use and can effectively treat your dry skin. Here are some of the great natural dry skin treatments you can try:

Get acupuncture – Acupuncturists view that dry skin is symptomatic of imbalance in some of the organ systems in the body. To help rectify the imbalance, they use acupuncture to either aid the body in efficiently transporting fluids to the tissues or help nourish the organ systems that are responsible for moisture in the body. Dry skin can also be due to pathologies from a Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint (i.e. Lung chi deficiency or Lung dryness). Certain dry skin conditions can be related with an underlying energetic deficiency, usually in the Kidney essence. Blockages in the Kidney meridian can result in dry skin conditions. When dry skin starts to have a burning sensation or turns red, its cause may be associated with pathogenic heat in the meridians. A weakness in blood energy that is responsible for the moistening and cooling of tissues can also result in dry skin.

Get a humidifier – Using a humidifier on your dry skin can help relieve your dry cough, dry eyes and dry and scratchy throat besides moistening your skin.

Eat more foods high in healthy fats – Healthy fats help improve the transport of fluids into your skin and tissues. Examples of foods rich in these types of fats include flaxseed oil, grapeseed oil, avocado, and nut butters.

Use real soap – This means use low-chemical and high-fat soap

Apply olive oil on your skin – This can be an effective way to make your skin supple and moist.

Use natural skin products – Choose skin products made up of simple Chinese herbs and natural oil. They can be helpful for eczema, flaky skin, itchy skin and dry skin.

Use Chinese herbs – Chinese herbal remedies are very effective in severe cases of dry skin as they can nourish the skin and enhance fluid production accordingly. Chinese Herbs follow the same principles as that used in acupuncture. They treat your unique manifestations and problems and restore balance to your energy systems.

Eat moistening foods – For those suffering from dry skin, dry cough, dry throat or dry mucus membranes, you can get relief by consuming moistening foods such as barley malt, honey, sesame seed, pine nut, almond, seaweed, loquat, persimmon, apple, pear, millet barley and spinach.

Drink copious amounts of fluids – This is the least costly and easiest way to treat or prevent dry skin. If your body is not hydrated well enough essential fluids in your body are ineffectively transported to the tissues. Try to cut down on beverages with caffeine in them which actually make you more likely to urinate thus making you lose more fluids. Add lime or lemon to your water as they can help improve fluid absorption in the body. To improve Lung energy in your body, traditional Chinese medicine recommends drinking pear juice which helps improve skin moisture.

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