PMS Symptoms Can All Be Resolved With Acupuncture And Herbs

Because of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) many women have resigned themselves to the physical and emotional roller coaster that this problem brings. Physical symptoms can include digestive problems, acne, headaches, food cravings, breast tenderness, back aches, cramping, and bloating. Psychological symptoms include depression, anger, irritability, mood swings, and weepiness. Over the… Continue reading

If You Want a Total Cure for Your PMS, Try Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

It’s been more than 5,000 years since the Chinese introduced acupuncture to the world. This revered healing art has been successfully used to treat scores of conditions including women’s health issues such as PMS. PMS or premenstrual syndrome is usually marked by chronic symptoms that portends the onset of the… Continue reading