Bring Back Health And Balance into Your Life With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Across the United States, more and more people are turning to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to help them overcome problems related to the modern way of life. As the workday lengthens and the pace of life quickens, personal time has become a luxury in one’s schedule. This time was previously used for nourishment and relaxation. The modern way of life has given us a lot of pleasant diversions and amenities; however, they often come with a price and they are paid with our good spiritual, mental, and physical health. A growing number of people are waking up to the toll our hectic lifestyles have wreaked and are searching for traditional ways to go back to a healthy way of living. Yoga’s resurgence, Buddhism’s growing popularity, and the wonderful healing art of TCM show that the ancient wisdoms have an important place in our modern way of life. The negative effects of this kind of living are lessened by these philosophies that lead to harmony and balance.

Being a TCM practitioner, I often witness how this wonderful medicine can profoundly benefit my patients by helping them get back in their lives harmony and balance. One of the main tenets of TCM is grounded on the harmonious interplay of the forces of nature and life. TCM is more than a way of healing, it is a way of life that recognizes that several many things can affect our health; balancing these forces is the key to a good and happy life. The foods we eat, our activities, our emotions, our home, work, and environment are just a few examples.

What most practitioners of TCM do when a patient comes in for treatment is to look at the underlying cause of the illness in order to determine what kind of imbalance the patient suffers from that has caused him/her to be ill. The root of the condition is treated if one approaches the problem this way. It will lead to a lasting and profound healing. A painful condition like, for example, carpal tunnel syndrome will be treated in the following manner:

The TCM practitioner will first determine what underlying problem the patient has. The practitioner will first question the patient to know what activities the patient regularly do, the type of work he does, and what factors cause the symptoms to improve or get worse. After examination, the practitioner can use a number of TCM modalities to rectify the underlying imbalance and to treat the pain. These may include acupuncture, lifestyle counseling, exercise therapy, massage, and Chinese herbs. After the treatment, the patient leaves the office feeling empowered to take charge of his/her health and with his/her symptoms relieved.

For our hectic modern way of living, this is just one of the ways that TCM can help bring back harmony in our body and lives.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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