How GMO Foods Disrupt the Cycle of Qi, And Consequentially, The Health of A Person

The fundamental principles of Chinese medicine diagnosis are always the same; however, because of GMO foods, the nutrition information for this type of medicine has become antiquated. The changes that really should be done is to recognize some types of foods that are supposed to tonify the body are now deemed to be the insidious toxic cause of deficiency syndromes. Listed below are some of the most widely consumed foods to watch out for.

• Honey: Make sure you only purchase non-GMO organic honey. A lot of cheap honey is just made up of corn syrup.
• Alfalfa: Alfalfa sprayed with Round up pesticide contains a mysterious new organism and may cause infertility
• Peas: Research indicates that GMO peas may result in a weak immune system in humans
• Salmon: Make sure you only buy wild salmon that’s non-GMO and has lower levels of mercury
• Meat: GMO-fed animals are filled with chemicals and are almost always sick when slaughtered
• Oils: A lot of vegetable oils are now GMO and they include soy, corn, and cotton seed oils
• Squash: GMO Zucchini (green) varieties and GMO squash can only bring about or exacerbate disease
• Tomatoes: Research shows that GMO tomatoes can cause premature death in rats. They are illegal in Europe.
• Corn: Unfortunately most, if not, all of the corns and corn-based products sold in US supermarkets are GMO. These include corn meal, corn oil, corn starch, citric acid, and corn syrup.
• Potatoes: Scientific studies show that GMO potatoes fed to mice resulted in higher toxins inside these mice
• Sweeteners (Saccharine, Splenda, Aspartame), preservatives, artificial additives, preservatives, etc.
• Banana: In the United States, most of the bananas being sold are GMO
• Papaya: About half of Hawaiian papayas sold are now GMO and not approved in Europe
• US supermarkets sell genetically modified Wine Yeast. To make sure your wine is non-GMO, contact the manufacturer
• Sugar Beets: almost all (95%) supermarket beets are GMO, despite a decision to stop selling them
• Soy: Almost all (90%) soy sold in the US are genetically modified
• Rice: GMO rice is sold in the US and in Asia
• Sugar- Raw cane sugar used to be a powerful tonic. Now, GMO or not, processed sugar is considered to be a toxic substance and even a carcinogen.

As you can see from this list, GMO food is a huge problem that almost all Americans are exposed to. GMO producers Monsanto, Syngenta, and the food corporation have surreptitiously poisoned the water and food supplies while the populace was bedazzled with new tech, latest fashions, sexual freedom, and political correctness.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and GMOs

What does GMO have to do with Chinese medicine? Well, GMO foods basically corrupts Food Qi (Gu qi) resulting in the disruption of the entire synthesis of Qi. Before GMOs, all we need to do is to eat when we needed energy; nowadays, when we eat food that is genetically modified, the energy in that food almost always contains quite a huge amount of toxins. Still, most people keep on eating these foods over long periods of time, whether due to lack of education or apathy.

When you are young and healthy, at first, your body was strong enough to tolerate the mildly toxic foods. Then, some TV ad will show you that because he eats his Wheaties, Johnny is able to run five miles. Trendy ads selling products such as Red Bull that target the youth are promoting products that contains aspartame and other known toxins. Most Americans are so overloaded with toxins, that as they age, the toxins in their body lead to deficiency syndromes resulting in disease. Crohn’s Disease and other autoimmune problems, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia are some of the diseases caused by deficiency syndromes. Resolving deficiency even becomes more difficult due to the toxicity overload from the continuous eating of those foods. People do not to know what foods are safe to eat anymore.

In Chinese medicine, Qi is considered vital energy that motivates everything. It can come from a number of things: It is the steam rising and invisible heat from the rice, and the breath that animates our bodies. All types of energy including gravity are basically classified as Qi in Traditional Chinese medicine. However, Qi can also have several different types which need to be discussed. Let’s talk about how Qi can be influenced by a toxic diet.

Primary Qi (Yuan Qi)

Our Primary Qi is derived from our parents, and is believed to be life force (essence) converting into Qi in motion. Primary Qi is the foundation of Kidney Qi, and you are near death when your Kidney Qi is exhausted. Primary Qi also converts Food Qi (Gu Qi) into blood. When you eat toxic food, initially, your Primary Qi will unlikely be overtly affected; however, these foods can already start to weaken Primary Qi beneath the surface. Correspondingly, the ability of the body to convert food into blood would slowly weaken, over time. Eating GMO foods that are believed to cause infertility and would thus likely lessen the amount of Primary Qi can be passed from a GMO-consuming parent to their kids. This means that children could be born with impaired immunity and a much weaker constitutions than their parents.

Food Qi (Gu Qi)

In the first stage of food conversion, Food Qi would entail the ‘ripening’ and rotting’ of food in the abdomen. Due to a lack of nutrition and being saturated with toxins, the food supply can impair the ability of Food Qi to turn food into blood. This may generate a blood deficiency Chinese medical diagnosis.

Gathering Qi (Zong Qi)

Made from a combination of air from the Lungs, Food Qi, and Primary Qi, Gathering Qi governs the blood vessels and is the basis for involuntary functions like respiration and heartbeat. Gathering Qi also influences speech and so, a weak Gathering Qi may be manifested by a soft voice. This type of Qi can be easily affected by GMO foods that are deficient in minerals. More often than not, GMO foods are deficient in magnesium and calcium. When your heart muscle frequently relaxes, this may be an indication of magnesium deficiency.

Normal Qi or True Qi (Zhen Qi)

The end phase in the refinement of Qi is the Normal Qi. This type of Qi in the one that actually flows through the meridians, which brings nourishes and energizes the organs. There are two forms of Normal Qi, the defensive Qi (Wei Q) and the Nutritive Qi, (Ying qi). The “Wei Qi” is responsible for defending the body from pathogens that cause the common cold, influenza and other types of diseases. There are several studies suggesting that immunity can be weakened by eating GMO foods on a regular basis. The Ying Qi is intimately connected to blood and eating GMO foods frequently will lead to a lack of nutrition, poor blood quality, and toxin overload in the body.

To Summarize

Eating toxic GMO foods results in a lower quality of life and can adversely affect all aspects of the Qi cycle. If you are vital and young, GMO foods will unlikely have a huge impact on your Primary Qi, although the constant eating of these foods will undoubtedly catch up with you, eventually. It’s widely known that GMO foods can cause infertility and there have been many articles written about this online. Still, scientists (those who obviously financially gain from its sales and those who created the products) continue to praise them hailing them as a solution to world hunger (which they are not). The body, over time, becomes too weak to synthesize healthy blood and several health issues then begin to develop. Tremors, numbness, lethargy, dry throat/skin/eyes, excessive dreaming, poor memory, insomnia, palpitations, and dizziness, are just some of the problems blood deficiency can cause. Besides that, lack of blood causes dryness that weakens your immune system making your body vulnerable to external invasions like the flu or common cold. The core principles of TCM can guide and help us once the toxins have been removed from the food we eat, although we may have to change our understanding of Chinese Nutrition to include the toxicity of new GMO foods especially the ones commonly used like soy and corn. The key to unraveling the mysteries is through awareness; once known, it will help get our health back on track, once again.

Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.

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