Gastritis Prevention

Gastritis is a very preventable condition. Here are some steps you can take to prevent gastritis:

Keep yourself protected from H. pylori infection – The way in which the H. pylori bacteria spread is not known although some doctors say that the bacteria can be conveyed through contaminated water and food and through person to person contact. It is therefore important to wash your hands always with water and soap and to eat foods that have been cooked well enough to kill the H. pylori pathogen and thus help prevent infection.

Attain and maintain an ideal body weight – An ideal body weight is a weight that should be normal for your height. If you are overweight you need to lose the extra weight and maintain the ideal weight you have achieved.  Heartburn and other digestive problems strike overweight and obese people more often than people with normal weight. An ideal body weight, besides helping prevent the rise of gastritis, can bring so many other health benefits as well.

Practice healthy eating habits – Your diet should include healthy foods like whole grain food products and plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Try not to eat heavy and large meals.  Nutritionists state that a person can avoid indigestion if he eats several small meals per day instead of eating 2 or 3 large meals since small portions can help in preventing acid from upsetting the stomach. Moreover, the avoidance of foods like deep fried or spicy foods can help prevent stomach upset. Try not to stay hungry for a long time and always follow a regular time schedule for your meals.

Stop smoking – Besides being a cause for a lot of health disorders, smoking can also ingestion of products make the stomach lining irritated and make a person more prone to ulcers and gastritis.  Second hand smoke inhalation can also cause gastritis since it can irritate the stomach lining.

Stop drinking too much alcohol – Too much alcohol intake can lead to gastritis so therefore drink only in moderation. Alcohol is a harmful element that irritates the lining of the stomach. It is one of the more common causes of gastritis.

Limit or cease altogether using NSAIDs and other pain medications – Ibuprofen or aspirin irritate the stomach lining and can bring about gastritis. If you really need to take painkillers, take paracetamol (acetaminophen) instead since this medicine is less irritating to the stomach lining as the other pain medications.

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