Heart Palpitations Complications


Syncope is more commonly known as fainting. It is a temporary loss of consciousness and can come as a result of pain, stress, over exhaustion or from suddenly getting up.  A person experiencing heart palpitations can see his blood pressure suddenly falling and this can also lead to syncope.

Cardiac Arrest

Sometimes, heart palpitations can cause the heart to beat irregularly (arrhythmia) which can lead to cardiac arrest.  Cardiac arrest according to the American Heart Association can suddenly occur causing your heart to all of a sudden stop functioning.  A person having a cardiac arrest will lose consciousness, have no pulse reading or have a pulse that will suddenly drop or weaken or will experience labored breathing. If you experience any of these symptoms, then you need to receive immediate medical treatment as these symptoms mean that your health condition is very deadly.


Sometimes when your heart palpitations worsen, your heart may start to quiver instead of beating in a normal fashion. This may result in blood clots and blood pools developing in your body.  If a clot manages to travel to your brain and cause a blockage in an artery, you can end up with either a stroke or death.

Heart Failure

There are cases when heart palpitations can be due to an underlying heart problem. When the heart keeps on beating abnormally and ineffectively for a considerable period of time, it can result in the heart not being able well enough to pump the adequate amounts of blood throughout your body.

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