Rashes – Risk Factors

Risk factors are a plenty when it comes to the development of skin rashes. Listed below are some of the common risk factors for rashes of the skin.

  • Sensitive Skin – Individuals who have sensitive skin are very prone to develop rashes more frequently and sadly more seriously than others. The need to know what factors irritate your skin and the treatments for your irritation are important factors to consider especially if you have skin sensitivity. Common skin irritants come from washing products like soaps and detergents and from deodorants and clothing. Using fragrant-free soaps and detergents is a must if you have skin sensitivity.
  • The Weather – You can acquire skin rashes from a really hot and sweaty weather. However, a cold wintry weather can equally give you skin rashes since the cold weather can sap the moisture from your skin – when skin moisture’s gone your skin becomes dry and itchy which may result in its cracking and bleeding. To help your skin maintain adequate moisture during hot and cold weather, apply a good moisturizer regularly on your skin.
  • Infections – An infection in the body can lead to skin rashes.  Viral infections like fifth disease, chickenpox and roseola almost always result in a skin rash. The infections first can lead to fever and eventually to a rash after the fever tapers down. This kind of skin rash symptom happens more in children than in adults.
  • Diaper Use – As long as infants, babies, toddlers and young children wear diapers, they will always develop diaper rash. This type of rash may be caused by materials used in the diaper.  The rash may also be caused by the child’s long exposure to the wet or soiled diaper. If you know your child is allergic to a certain diaper then you obviously need to replace the diaper with one that uses hypo-allergenic materials. When changing soiled or wet diaper to a new clean one, you can first apply baby powder to the baby’s genitals and buttocks to keep the skin fresh and dry. Immediately change the child’s soiled or wet diaper to prevent the occurrence of skin rash.
  • Food Allergies – Almost all kinds of people have this type of allergy. Certain types of food allergens can lead to allergic reactions where the symptoms include skin rashes. People allergic to nuts who may inadvertently eat a nut will develop widespread skin rashes and may even develop anaphylaxis which can be life threatening due to blockage of the airways.  Avoid at all times foods that you know are allergic to.

These are just some of the things that can cause skin rashes in your body.  If you happen to develop a skin rash that is difficult to treat and persists for more than a couple of days, then you need to see a doctor immediately. Skin rashes are basically easy to treat and need to be treated immediately to prevent them from worsening and becoming infected.

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