Sexual Dysfunction Coping and Support

Dealing with Male Sexual Dysfunction

If you are suffering from one type of male sexual dysfunction (MSD), the best way to start addressing it is to know more about your problem and not to think that it is a permanent untreatable condition. A sex therapist can assist you to get the right information and education about your MSD. He/she can answer all the questions that fill your mind regarding your condition.

Avail of treatments prescribed by your therapist or doctor particularly if your MSD is premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.  A very important factor in the treatment of MSD is modifications in lifestyle. Here are some of the beneficial lifestyle changes you can do:

Thinking positively by not expecting any kind of dysfunction to again occur during your next sexual activity
Permanently stop drug use and limit or stop alcohol intake as soon as possible
Quit smoking
Get adequate sleep
Perform regular exercise that keeps you fit and healthy
Perform relaxing activities like yoga or meditation to lessen your stress
If you suffer from anxiety or depression, seek immediate help before they develop into long-term problems
Keep your communication open with your partner. Tell him/her about the fear and anxieties you feel. Your partner is one of those who can help you overcome your problems in leading a normal sex life

Dealing with Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

For women with a particular sexual dysfunction, adjusting your lifestyle to one that enhances your sexual life is a great way to cope with whatever sexual dysfunction you are suffering from.  Here are some recommendations that have been provided by therapists and doctors to help you deal better with your FSD:

Always keep open your communication with your partner especially regarding you and your partner’s likes and dislikes as well as your choices. Talking about these concerns can make a lot of difference in improving your sexual dysfunction
Stop smoking
If you are a heavy drinker, limit your alcohol intake since alcohol tends to slow or dull your sexual responsiveness
Talk to a sex therapist or a counselor who can help you manage your anxieties and enable you to deal with your problems in a better way
Learn more about your normal sexual response – you need to be aware how your body functions before you look for ways to treat your abnormality
Doing aerobics or other light exercises can not only improve your stamina but your self-image as well
Do pelvic floor exercises on a regular basis – Pelvic exercises also called Kegel exercises can be performed any time of the day at practically any place.  The exercise entails tightening the muscles at your bottom in a way that you are trying to stop the flow of your urine.  You need to hold this position for about five seconds then relax. You may need to repeat this exercise several times. Performing these exercises daily many times a day can treat your arousal and orgasm difficulties. Kegel exercises are also good for treating Vaginismus.
If your FSD stems from an underlying problem, get medical treatment for both your FSD and its root problem.
If you re taking medicines, ask your doctor If the meds may be the cause of your FSD. If so, then ask for alternative forms of treatment
Be patient with the treatment you are using. Positive results may not often come quickly or over night. They may take time to be seen and felt.

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