The Consequences of Blood Deficiency Among Girls and Women In Reproductive Age

In their early woman life, girls in South East Asian girls have learned from grandmotherly wisdom to not engage in any activity that will lead to a disturbance in their regular period. According to traditional Chinese medicine, if not addressed early, menstrual disorder can lead to a wide range of conditions including infertility.

Defined as a condition in which the liver is unable to perform its function of blood production, blood deficiency can lead to stagnation of qi in the body that in turn, lead to the abnormal functioning of the reproductive organs. Deficiency of blood and qi stagnation leads to symptoms such as

1. Pale complexion – Typically, pale complexion can be seen as deficiency in kidney yang, but in this case, it is brought about by liver malfunction in the production of new blood or the inability of the spleen to move blood throughout the body.

2. Loose stools – Because the spleen is essential for the distribution of energy in the body and for digestive function, blood deficiency can lead to poor absorption of food and since food cannot be digested properly, this results in loose stools.

3. Tiredness – Blood flow is vital for the transport of energy and oxygen to nourish the cells and be able to perform daily activities. Blood deficiency causes the spleen to malfunction particularly it is ability to move blood and distribute energy. All these cause tiredness in a person.

4. Thin and low volume menses – Since there’s not enough blood circulation going on in the body, it is easy to understand why period can be thin or there’s no period at all. This lack or absence of menses can also be caused by blood stasis in organs other than the uterus, which causes the movement of not enough blood or no blood at all to bring about menstruation. This condition can lead to infertility due to the fact that the uterus is not warm enough to help secure the implantation of fertilized egg.

5. Stomach pain post menstruation – The spleen pushes the blood stagnation into the uterus out through the vagina as the yang in the body begins to drop. If not enough qi is available in the body, the spleen is unable to perform its or poorly functions in the transport of blood throughout the body resulting in over production of the hormone prostaglandin, which in turn, causes menstrual pain and cramping.

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