The Many Benefits Of Maternity Acupressure For Labor

Pregnant women and women in labor can benefit tremendously from maternity acupressure.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a technique similar to acupuncture in Miami but instead of needles, the treatment involves the application of pressure on certain points on the body through the use of the hands, thumb, or fingers to promote well-being and health.

A component of ancient Chinese medicine, acupressure has been used for thousands of years and offers various health benefits for children, men, and women. It can be quite effective for people with medical conditions and can bring about health benefits for pregnant women.

What is Maternity Acupressure? Is it Safe for Pregnant Women?

The general principles of acupressure are used in maternity acupressure. This type of acupressure can be used for labor to make the pregnancy and delivery process easier. It can be safely used by pregnant women throughout their entire pregnancy.

Both mother and baby can prepare for birth through maternity acupressure for labor towards the final phase of pregnancy. The treatment can help a baby turn in the correct head-down position and enter the pelvis of the mother, the optimal position when the time of delivery has arrived.

Moreover, acupressure helps mature and dilate the cervix, which can help prepare the mother for labor. Also, once a woman is past her due date or is full-term, maternity acupressure for labor can be applied to induce the start of labor.

When stimulated, the pressure points associated with the kidneys or stomach, are just some of the points that can influence the uterus. They can help start contractions. Usually painless, mild contractions can help mature and widen the cervix.

Maternity acupressure is very safe. Research done on acupressure has shown that the treatment brings about several benefits to both baby and mother. Unless a woman’s body is naturally ready for labor, acupressure will not be able to induce labor. It is one of the most natural ways that that can help you commence labor in a safe manner.

Acupressure has also the ability to make the entire process of childbirth easier, by shortening labor.

It can also relieve pain during labor, delivery, and after birth. This is very important since this means that the mother can lessen or even avoid the use of drugs and painkillers. Studies show that decreasing the need for outside interventions during labor lessens the likelihood of complications.

When Can A Pregnant Woman Start Acupressure?

Pregnant women can get maternity acupressure treatment all throughout their pregnancy. The benefits of acupressure vis-à-vis pregnancy-related conditions are as follows:

• Cures nausea related to morning sickness
• Treats heartburn
• Turns a transverse or breach baby to its proper position
• Relieves pelvic pain
• Alleviates pain during labor
• Stress reduction
• Accelerate contractions
• Ripens and dilates the cervix

There are many benefits that maternity acupressure for labor can give women during pregnancy. It is an extremely safe treatment for both mother and baby.

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