TCM Gives You The Tools to Effect A Lasting And Positive Change

All over America, people have been increasingly turning to TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine as a way to address problems associated with our modern way of living. As the workday lengthens and the pace of life quickens, personal time once spent for nourishment and relaxation has become a luxury in one’s schedule. Yes, the modern way of life provides us with many diversions and amenities but that often comes with a price – our spiritual, mental, and physical health. More and more of us are waking up to the fact that our hectic lifestyles are taking a huge toll on our health and well-being and because of this many are seeking the wisdom of the past to address the problems of today. The phenomenal boom of TCM, the widespread popularity of Buddhism, and the resurgence of Yoga illustrate that the ancient wisdoms have an important place in the Modern Age. These philosophies can substantially decrease the harmful effects of modern life and help restore harmony and balance in our minds and bodies.

Being a TCM practitioner myself, I often realize how profound this wonderful medicine can be that can benefit many by bringing back balance into their life. How does TCM bring back balance into one’s life? One of TCM’s fundamental principles lies on the harmonious interplay of the forces of nature and human life. TCM’s philosophy basically recognizes that various forces in our daily life affect our health and keeping them in balance is important. The foods we eat, our emotions, work life, home life, our environment, and our activities are a few examples of “these forces.”

When you seek the help of a TCM practitioner for a certain problem, the practitioner will look deeply into the reason for your illness to determine the forces that are out of balance. When you approach problems in this manner, the root cause of the problem is addressed resulting in a long-lasting and transcendent healing. TCM treatment of Carpal Tunnel disease, for example, would involve the practitioner striving to find the root cause of the condition by questioning the patient to find out what activities that the patient does regularly, what type of work he/she does, what certain events make the condition better or worse, etc. The practitioner can then use any of the TCM modalities like lifestyle counseling, acupuncture in San Antonio, exercise therapy, massage, or Chinese herbs to not only address the pain, but to also rectify the underlying imbalance. The patient leaves the office often feeling empowered to take charge of his/her health and without symptoms or with significantly less symptoms that when they first came in.

This is just one way Traditional Chinese Medicine can help bring back harmony to our hectic modern way of living. If you want to have balance restored to your health and life, TCM can be a powerful way of achieving this. It gives you the ability to determine the disharmonies and imbalances in your body and provides the wisdom to resolve them, as well as the tools needed to effect a lasting and positive change.

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