Massage Is An Affordable And Lovely Way To Spend An Hour

After a hard day of negotiations, veteran Chinese business travelers know that there’s no better cure for aches and stress than a robust and invigorating massage. Whilst your joints are being kneaded, there’s nothing more relaxing than sipping tea and rubbed by a muscular lady or a blind old man from Szechuan. At 10 cents a minute, a massage is an affordable and lovely way to spend an hour.

Standard foot massages are offered by most parlors in which your feet are soaked first, then firmly massaged, and pressed firmly. Massage therapy, from the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, is a positive form of therapy for your overall well being and health. It still feels great even if you don’t believe in that sort of thing. Lavish yourself with a divinely-relaxing oil massage or try cupping therapy that’s believed to purge toxins out of your body with heat-generated vacuum.

Here’s the perfunctory waiver: according to the Western media, massage therapy has been given a shabby reputation by sex tourists trekking in Asia in order to fulfill their carnal desires. While most of the massage parlors in China are legitimate and above board, some cater to shady people who have ulterior motives. It’s often not too difficult to tell what parlors are decent. If you see a dozen or more girls sitting on a sofa in a room that’s red-lit and snug, just keep on walking. In no time at all, you’ll arrive at a reputable establishment.

Lots of expats get at least one massage once a week. It can be an addicting experience and you’ll understand why what with the affordability, relaxation, and comfort it can bring.

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