Traditional Chinese Medicine And Insomnia

Nowadays, more and more doctors and people prefer natural sleeping aids because of their effectiveness and more importantly because of their safety. There have no known negative side effects, and if there are, these side effects are easily reversible. These sleeping aids are mostly derived from herbal plants and medicines as well as from healthy living habits and some alternative therapies. Recent studies have shown that the ancient healing system of traditional Chinese medicine can play a huge role in making people sleep better.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Miami, insomnia or the regular inability to sleep can be due to a weakness in the kidney energy of a person. This viewpoint isn’t necessarily the same as a disease affecting the kidney. Instead, weak kidney energy refers to a condition in which insufficient amounts of blood pass through the kidney which can lead to signs and symptoms like fatigue lower back pains, and energy bursts during sleep time. All these factors may affect the sleeping habits of those affected with the condition. These people can be successfully treated using the modalities found in traditional Chinese medicine.

Some women experiencing menopause may also suffer from lack of sleep. People who are taking an anti-estrogen drug called tamoxifen can also experience sleeping difficulties. All these people are advised to avoid herbal medicines like liu wei di wang since it may increase their estrogen levels or exacerbate their sleeping problems. There are several traditional Chinese medicines that are extremely in the treatment or even complete cure of insomnia. All you need to do is to know the type of medicine works that well for your condition and body.

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