Problems Affecting The Kidney Yang Of The Body

The basis of the yang qi of the entire body is the Kidney yang, also referred to as primordial yang. It promotes and warms the functions of the tissues and organs.

According to TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Linwood, the kidney is the organ of the body wherein a small number of major substances come from. We all have the cooling mechanism and body fluids or “Yin” and also the metabolic heat or “Yang” in our body. This situation can escalate in a deficiency of marrow in the head that rises to an empty dull headache brought about by fatigue if there is either Kidney Yin or Yang deficiency within the body. While this seems a bit bizarre, it is all true.

According to TCM, some of the symptoms of deficient kidney yang are edema, difficulty urinating, and repeated urination. They are major symptoms that require medical help.

Another deficient kidney yang symptom is perspiring for no reason. This occurs when there is not enough energy in the body which causes the pores of the skin to improperly lock and unlock. It is normal to sweat when you’re hot or anxious. But if you tend to sweat for no reason at all, you’re probably suffering from Kidney Yang deficiency.

However, not all people with kidney yang deficiency have these symptoms. TCM states that the kidneys have a wider function compared to the kidneys in the Western medicine physiology.

If you’re deficient in Yang energy, you’ll probably feel cold constantly. When we talk about Yang deficiency, we often relate to the functions of the Kidneys since, according to TCM, they are supposed to be where the Yang of the body comes from.

Manifestations of deficient kidney yang include impotence, low libido, aversion to cold, incontinence, enuresis, urination difficulties, spiritual fatigue, cold limbs, aversion to cold, coldness or soreness in the lumbar area and knees; in extreme cases, general edema and female sterility may also manifest. The tongue has white coating and is moist and bulky while the pulse is deep and fine. Deficient kidney yang syndrome constantly produces indications of internal cold yang deficiency.

Deficient kidney yang and deficient kidney qi yang kidney represent various phases of a process. Poor handling of deficient kidney qi (which is the same as kidney qi deficiency) can result in kidney yang deficiency or deficient kidney yang; conversely, proper handling of kidney yang deficiency results in fewer acute symptoms of kidney qi deficiency and a subsequent progressive positive shift towards good health.

Many illnesses may be due to an imbalance of kidney yin and/or kidney yang. This imbalance can also affect all the organs of the body. To correctly diagnosis a condition and before identifying the affected organs, a TCM practitioner needs to first determine whether the patient has a deficient yin or deficient yang. The efficacy of the treatment can be augmented by a circumspect diagnosis.

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