The Benefits Of Gua Sha Facial And Feet Massage

Gua Sha Facial Massage

Some therapists have devised Facial and Feet Massage techniques using an ancient Chinese massage procedure called Gua Sha. Gua Sha massage therapy applied on the face can be an ideal way to tonify vigor and stimulate the flow of blood to the face, cleanse the bodily systems of toxins, and clear congestion. Energy channels in the body called meridians begin from the top of the head and terminate in the feet make Gua Sha Facial and Feet massage the best combination that will bring about a wonderful difference to your health.

The Benefits of Gua Sha Face and Feet Massage

Gua Sha massage is a profoundly relaxing therapy and provides people with general therapeutic benefits:

o It enhances the processes of digestion and metabolism
o Stimulates balance and healing the various systems of the body from head to toe
o Unblocks facial stagnation
o Alleviates stress and tension
o Minimizes fine lines and tonifies the face
o Stimulates circulation and blood flow to the neck, face, and feet
o Gua Sha combined with other massage techniques and meridian points stimulate the organ systems and tonifies the and improves the condition of the face

In Chinese medicine, the pathways where blood and qi (vital energy) move throughout the body are the meridians. When a person has deficient qi, it makes him susceptible to disease and increasing qi is the main aim in bringing back his wellbeing and overall health. Qi stagnation can easily manifest as various signs and symptoms in the face like broken capillaries, sinus congestion, discoloring below the eyes, unhealthy skin tone, and fatigue.

The Face and Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha massage and other various techniques can be used to treat the face. In Gua Sha massage, the skin is gently worked through a gentle ‘scraping’ procedure, lifting and smoothing the face, invigorating the skin and muscles of the face making it look and feel smoother and more radiant. Gua Sha not only profoundly relaxes the neck and face, it also provides benefits to the entire body, by way energizing and stimulating the meridian channels that traverse across the length and width of the body.

Gua Sha Feet Massage

Gua Sha Feet Massage stimulates the meridians more deeply and to a greater degree that it can produce a complete body therapy that lasts for a long time. It can be a very comfortable therapy compared to foot reflexology since its application is less pointed and broad. Gua Sha techniques are often combined with stretches, reflexology, and massage.

Neck and head stretches and massage can be used to alleviate tension at the temporal lobes and the skull’s back edge and to stimulate the scalp.

The following are some of the issues that can be treated with Gua Sha Face and Feet massage which can make huge difference to your wellbeing and health:

1. Abnormal menstruation – Women who have heavy and/or irregular menses are liable to experience migraine headaches. This is because the Gallbladder and Liver meridian channels radiate the side and top of the head. These women tend to have a discoloration on their eyelids that is associated with the Gallbladder and Liver meridian and can affect the Pancreas and Spleen meridians.

2. Dark circles below the eyes – This is a sign of weakness of the kidneys. The Kidney meridian is located below the eyes and when the kidneys are weak it will manifest as dark circles under the eyes. Kidney weakness can also manifest as fatigue and exhaustion, and can also disrupt the function of the bladder.

3. Chapping, blemishes, or blackheads suggest weal blood circulation. A meridian located on the nose’s side is associated with the bronchi. It is part of the Lung meridian that controls respiration and the skin and is closely related to the circulatory system and the Heart meridian.

4. Redness around the area of the nose and broken capillaries on the tip of nose are signs of excessive alcohol consumption or too much worry and stress or both. The circulatory system and the Heart meridians are found in the tip of the nose.

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