What Is Anmo Gong And What Is It Used For?

Very few people have ever heard of Anmo gong. In Chinese medicine, anmo means massage while gong somewhat means “practice” or “work.” Anmo gong is one of Chinese medicine’s most effective ways of health maintenance and self-cultivation. It is the practice of self-massage.

Amno gong is sometimes called “do-in” in Japan while it called self-tuina in China. However, these two styles are based on simple basic physical techniques without much qi or internal energy work involved.

Anmo Gong can be likened as a type of Qi Gong that uses self massage and acupressure techniques. Actually, most types of Qi Gong and Tai Chi contain small elements of self-acupressure, but in Anmo Gong, acupressure is used as a main component of the practice.

This technique has lots of advantages – you can provide yourself with a daily tune-up as and when you need it. A lot of acupuncturists teach acupressure to their clients to enhance the results of their therapy. It can also be used on a regular basis to maintain well-being and health.

A basic routine of Anmo Gong routine can involve the use of acupressure on just two or three pressure points. Additional involved routines would also entail breathing techniques, basic ‘qi gong’ like motions, and stretching exercises. Routines can be well-structured or can include spontaneous elements, in which you are guided to do whatever you feel needed at that moment.

Anmo Gong can help balance your emotions, strengthen your immune system, and regulate and boost your energy. Depending on the choice of points and routine, it can be long or short, gentle or strong, or relaxing or stimulating. As a matter of fact, you can streamline your practice to your own preferences and needs and there’s no limit to what you do.

Consulting with an experienced practitioner of Chinese medicine for advice or reading a good book about acupressure are the easiest ways to begin practicing anmo gong.

Just by utilizing basic acupressure techniques on one pressure for a minute or two every day can lead to very good benefits even if you don’t have time for anything else. For example, one can use the stomach 36 point (sometimes called ‘wonder point’) located on the lower leg in order to significantly enhance your health-boosting effects. Anmo gong is an excellent reason to start exploring it and self-acupressure.

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