Yoga And Tai Chi For Longer Living And A Healthy Life

For most people, dealing with stress on a daily basis can bring out the worst in them; fortunately, we have the ability and the tools to lower our stress levels in several ways.

Indulging in some form of physical exertion is the healthiest way to lower stress levels and enhance relaxation. By increasing oxygen levels and lowering tension, we not only improve our mental health, we can boost our physical health as well.

Sensing the Quiet

But the exercise of Yoga and Tai Chi does not only include jogging miles or pumping iron, it can be movements that are quiet, rhythmic, and gentle. Both offer the positive outcomes of a healthy workout but at a pace people of any age can cope with.

Both Tai Chi and Yoga sprung from and were practiced in the Asian continent hundreds of years ago. Both involve promoting flexibility and easing tension in the body. They include practiced breathing and mindful techniques as well as meditation for body and mind control. When performed alongside each other, Tai Chi and Yoga can help relieve pent up anxiety and stress.

By cultivating a rhythmic and slow routine, one can develop lean muscle mass through the use of isometric tension. This kind of progressive resistance enhances muscle mass and core strength and also relieves tension within via the gentle stretching. Alleviating tension facilitates a more balanced state of mind and physical calmness.

Allocating 20 minutes of your time every day performing sessions can quickly bring about great benefits. Daily practices can prevent tension from accumulating in your body leading to the faster relief of stress. Commitment is all one needs to achieve these goals.

Newbie Basics

Yoga and Tai Chi require very little for beginners; nevertheless, for proper technique in form and movement, we recommended that you attend a session with a qualified and experienced instructor. While gentleness is a vital key to success, before you perform any new exercise, you need to obtain permission from your primary care doctor.

There are several community centers that provide programs from newbies to higher levels. DVDs that teaches the basics based on your level of fitness are also available. The important thing is to maintain form with fluidity of motion and to start slow.

Enhancing body balance and the mind has become a vital part of our well-being and health. Alleviating our stress in these stressful times should be one of our top priorities for longer living and a healthy life.

Cindy Chamberlain is a licensed acupuncturist and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of Eastern Healing Solutions, LLC in Overland Park, KS

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