Chiropractic Bellmore Treatments

Spinal manipulation is the most commonly used therapy in chiropractic.  These are some of the other treatments used by chiropractors in their profession:

Therapeutic Exercise – Good for back, neck, and extremity problems. These exercises help alleviate pain, prevent muscle atrophy, strengthens the joint and increases range of motion for the neck, back and extremities.  The chiropractor Bellmore provides training and guidance for these exercises.

Therapeutic Stretches – Therapeutic stretching helps prevent scar tissue from forming after suffering from an accident or injury. These exercises make tissues stronger enhancing mobility.

Traction – Traction is good for vertebral disc decompression.  With this exercise, nerve pressure is reduced.

Soft Tissue Manual Therapy – This therapy uses Active Release Technique and Graston Technique.  This therapy is for strengthening the soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons and joint capsules.

Muscle Stimulation – Mild electrical pulses sent through electrodes connected to the skin to relieve muscle spasm, pain and even reduce muscle atrophy.

TENS  – Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation unit is a small machine that sends out electric current to manage pain. This machine can treat patients suffering severe pain. TENS therapy is not recommended for chronic pain sufferers.

Ultrasound – Sound waves used for soft tissues and joints act as a form of massage to reduce swelling, increase blood flow and decrease pain, stiffness, and spasms.

Ice and Heat Therapy – Ice therapy is a time tested therapy to reduce swelling and alleviate pain after an injury. Heat therapy helps relax the muscles, enhances blood flow, and mitigates pain of chronic pain sufferers.

Diet and Nutritional Counseling – Chiropractic believes that poor nutritional lifestyle often results in illnesses and even death.  Chiropractors are trained diet and nutritional professionals.

Lifestyle Modification Counseling – A good and healthy lifestyle means a healthy body and a healthy mind.  Lifestyle choices will decide whether one becomes a productive and happy individual or whether one ends up with broken health and leads a sickly and less productive life.  To avoid being more of a liability in the end among your loved ones, minimize or if you can, choices and behaviors which you know will cause the deterioration of your health in the long term.  Some examples of unhealthy lifestyle choices and habits that one needs to quit, reduce or change:  lack of regular exercise, smoking, poor nutritional choices, mental stress, needless medication dependency, alcoholism, poor posture and improper lifting among others.

The chiropractor not only treats spinal problems but is also a good advisor for healthy living.  He can formulate plans for proper nutritional choices and activities to keep your body in prime shape and proper health.  Spinal manipulations and other modalities that guarantee a healthy lifestyle are what chiropractors can offer for a healthier and productive society.

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