Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Acupuncture Linwood

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder brought about by pain and tingling and numbing sensations that is the result of pressure on the median nerve due to the narrowing of the carpal tunnel.

Because of modern living, which brought about the rise of personal computers and game consoles, carpal tunnel syndrome has emerged to be a common pain disorder nowadays.  The constant, prolonged and overuse of the hand and wrist such as continuous prolonged use of the computer and longs hours playing games at the game console more often than not cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Women at the ages of 40 to 70 are more prone to this disorder and especially affects women who are pregnant.  The whole hand including the palm, wrist and forearm can also be affected.  A sharp painful sensation is felt at these areas and at night, it is particularly painful that it may result in sleepless nights for the sufferer.   The symptoms are substantial enough to affect one’s daily activities such as writing and causing the hand to drop things.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are the result of wind (felt by the pain and the tingling sensation), damp (the heavy feeling of the hand and forearm) and cold factors.

Acupuncture Linwood is used to take away pain and treat the rest of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  One particular technique uniquely used for carpal tunnel syndrome is by inserting and removing the needle at certain acupuncture points or acupoints at the wrist.  This technique generates some sort of gentle electrical feeling that is designed to alleviate the numbness and pain and to relax the tendons.  Besides acupuncture needles, laser acupuncture, magnet therapy, moxibustion, electromagnetic wave therapy and electro acupuncture are all good techniques effective for the relief of pain and other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

During and after treatment, going back to the same lifestyle activity that caused the carpal tunnel syndrome should be discouraged.  Also, activities such as writing, working on an assembly plant where repetitive work is done or sleeping with the wrists under the pillow or on one’s chin can make the problem recur.  If the habit of the patient is to sleep with wrist curled under the pillow or chin, then a splint may be needed to prevent the wrists from damage while on sleeps.

Since pain is the number one complaint for carpal tunnel sufferers, physicians usually prescribe anti-inflammatory medications for this disorder.  These drugs are laden with harmful toxins that cause serious side effects.  Acupuncture as a treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is a safe, natural therapy, which does not entail the ingestion of medications.  Moreover, if acupuncture is used in conjunction with drugs, acupuncture can effectively filter out the drugs toxins from the body helping the body heal better and efficiently.

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