The Effectiveness of Acupuncture West Orange

Acupuncture West Orange is an ancient medicinal art practiced in China for more than 4,000 years.  The foundation of acupuncture is the notion that all living things possess Qi or chi, which means vital or life energy.  This chi flows along twelve intangible energy pathways called meridians, which act similar to the circulatory system of the body but instead of blood, meridians transport chi.  Each meridian is connected to a specific organ structure.  An inordinate flow of chi along a meridian creates disease and sicknesses in the associated organ.

During acupuncture treatment, acupuncturists insert hair thin needles into specific sites called acupuncture points or acupoints in the skin that are connected to the meridians and these restores normal chi flow.  More than a thousand acupoints have been identified all over the body.

The flow of chi can be likened to a river that sustains life to a village giving food and water to the village.  A blockage can be a dam built on the river that dries up the river and takes away the source of sustenance of the village.  Acupuncture is like the explosives or force that destroys the dam allowing the river to flow back into the village.  Without chi, the body will be deprived of sustenance and energy and eventually, it withers and dies.

When the normal flow of chi is sustained, the body’s ability to heal itself is optimized and the body system’s work normally and efficiently.  What causes blockages on the meridians are the mental and physical stresses of life, which cause disruptions in the channeling of chi.  These stresses maybe caused by diet, lifestyle, work and personal factors. Depending on the type of stress, certain meridians are affected and blocked.

This blockage under nourishes the organ associated with the blocked meridian and symptoms of energy deficiency arise associated with the trouble organ.  As time progresses, other organs get affected by the energy deficiency of the primary problematic organ and the body becomes weaker and more prone to other illnesses and disease.

Medical acupuncture attributes the effectiveness of acupuncture with these theories:

1.    Acupuncture activates the production and secretion of endorphins.
2.    Acupuncture stimulates neurotransmitters.
3.    Acupuncture activates the autonomic nervous system.
4.    Acupuncture improves blood circulation.
5.    Acupuncture enhances the electromagnetic energy of the body.

In spite of so much skepticism by Western medical science, acupuncture has been verified and validated many times of its effectiveness in healing pain and in treating a wide number of health conditions.  It is a relatively painless treatment and is not a cause for health concerns since it is a natural medication-free and holistic type of therapy.  Almost all who have used acupuncture in one form ore another will attest to the fact that it is a relaxing experience and relatively painless experience.

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